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exhaust leaks

hey guys,

is there a way to make sure I have no exhaust leaks, I wanna inspect my car b4 tuning .

I think ive seen a black thin line on the x pipe which is between the xpipe and clamp... I think that's a leak

and my x pipe cats faced a couple of scrapes is that ok ?? how to check up on them too ??

thanx guys
your best bet is to check it on a cold start, jack up the car and start it, I feel under with bare hands and you can usually feel/hear a leak pretty easily. Good luck.

thank u sir !! , ive read that if any leaks are after the o2 sensors wont affect the tune ... it will just make different exhaust sound and will not affect the performance. Is it true ??
I have a ticking noise which I believe is an exhaust leak, I used a funnel a 3 ' of garden hose . Hold the funnel on your ear then use the other end of the hose to pin point the leak,mine seems to be the clamp after the Cat,have not tried to fix this yet.

Mad Hatter

Gotta go Faster
Santiago, Chile
The flexi bit of the Boss side pipes died after a few track days. Went with the Kooks xpipe with out the side pipes to avoid the problem in the future. So far no leaks. As mentioned you could see the black deposits and feel the leak very easily.

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