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Exhaust Wrap and Blox Racing - Benefit?

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Does anyone of you has any experience with one of those or similar products?
1. Blox Racing Universal Velocity Stacks:

2. Thermo Tec Exhaust Wrap:

Are they worth the money, I mean is there really a benefit?
I had looked into exhaust wrap products, but found that there was A LOT of argument on either side of them being good/bad. Race teams use them to keep heat out, sure, but they can also hold moisture so they are maybe not good as a street car that might see rain. Some people felt that they hold in enough heat that they can actually damage manifolds by allowing them to overheat. I don't know about that, but it seems like more trouble that it is worth unless you are racing competitively. My engine bay seems to get quite hot in the summer, but my solution is to get a more open grill.
I wrapped my longtube headers with the thermotec gray wrap. It is supposed to keep engine compartment heat levels down which improves longevity and can maybe, possibly to a minor degree increase performance (not verified, just relaying what I was told).
The engine compartment could definitely use some cooling. I burned my ear on my hood strut last summer, lol. AutoX is brutal, too much time sitting idle in the sun waiting for your turn. Afterwards the stock "CAI" plastic is too hot to touch for more than a few seconds. And that is only in 90F temps.

As for the Velocity Stacks, I don't think they will do much at all. Even if they actually smooth the air, it gets spoiled by the MAF sensor right afterwards, and you can't do anything about that. Save your money for a good CAI or the track key is my vote.

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