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Exhausts' again !

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Hi Guys

Ive still got the standard pipes fitted and want to increase the sound without going past the 105db limit we have for track days here int he UK ( the 105db is measured 3 ft away from the pipe)

I seem to remember a thread discussing corsa or the GT500 axle backs, any new products on the market or shall i go for corsa or Gt500?



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Damn, I was hoping this was going to be easy.. ;D

So, a 105db limit... Measured 3 ft from the pipe... If you are familiar with measuring sound levels then you probably know that is fairly loud but not that loud. Is there any way you could beg/borrow/steal a sound pressure meter to measure your current exhaust volume? If not own one which I believe is still in working order. If you wish I can take a reading off of my Boss (stock exhaust w/o restrictor plates) later today and give an idea of what I'm reading in stock form. In this way you at least have an idea of how much wiggle room you have. PM me if interested.

HI pete

The Roush axle backs on my GT give me 105db on the button.

When the measure the boss they dont measure the side pipes only the rear and they laugh as i think its around 90db standard

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