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External Microphone for GoPro

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Any of you guys running a GoPro, what external mics do you recommend? I just picked up a white edition for $45 off (no Black/Silver nor Contour were available) and was wondering what's given you the best sound on your videos? I'm looking to use the GoPro on Friday @ LS for a Jaguar track day (driving the F-type V8 S, XKR amongst their offerings) and I'd love to have the GoPro dialed in for it. Furthermore, for the Do the Screw event in August. Thanks!
i chose the audio-technica ATR3350 because it has a long cable, and its own power source from batteries.

i've only tested it once. here's the test video, i ran the mic next to the gas pedal to pick up some of the engine noise from the sound-tube. next time i may stick it in the sound tube.

EDIT: i take it back, my test vid doesnt have the audio using the external mic. search on youtube tho, there are vids out there using this mic.

I have the ATR3350 but i feel it gets overpowered a bit when outside the car. I use it more for the inside and other occasions.

I use the PRO24CM audio technica mic. I use a suction cup mount to attach it to this bracket a friend made for me:

As a matter of fact, for anyone looking for a full go pro setup:

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