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Familiar Track v. New Track

Looking to get opinions on what would help improve the "driver mod". There are two HPDE events in October I am considering. One is at a track I have driven 5 or 6 times and the other is at a track I have never been to.

In your experience would it be beneficial to drive the brand new track and would doing so have any advantage, learning/developing skills wise, over driving the more familiar track?

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I think it's good to have the experience of driving multiple tracks no matter what. Even if your home track continues to be your favorite/most familiar/etc., I don't see how driving another track would impede driver development in any way.

Driving a new track can be frustrating and rewarding. But I certainly think new tracks do a lot to improve the driver, and that I need to take some of that advice as well. It's been a few years since I've driven something new to me.
These are a couple of sites I've used for pre-event prep. Alway looking to shoot better lines by visualizing before my tires hit the track. Both are free but have premier services. I'm not affiliated with either, but found both to be useful pre- and post- event day. - Mostly post-events analytics for use with Harry's Lap Timer, but you can see 'shared' laps from many users. - Mostly pre-event prep. Gives you the best line (although somewhat objective) based on power, weight etc.
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New track. You might even learn a few things that you can take back to your familiar track later. Variety is better.
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Walk it first. Pick reference points....look backwards from exit (where the car wants to finish) into the entry ( where it needs to be so it can get to the exit you picked).

Do a session or two @ 60%... spend most of your "$10 worth of attention" on tuning your ref points.

And don't forget to have fun learning... best thing ever.
Perfect practice makes perfect performance, get all the seat time you can. Generally, late apex everything until you get a feel for the place, hitting the wall going in doesn't seem to happen a smuch as going out..statistically and bodywork speaking.

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