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Finally....and wow..

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Well, I ordered my SBY '13 LS on Feb 6 of this year. As of a week ago, the dealer still had no build date or status change.
They said it might not even get built. To try and salvage this summers track season, I decided to bail on the '13 and look
for a '12.

Found a yellow blaze '12 with 9k miles. And I mean WOW. The YB looks way better than the SBY and overall I like the
'12 and C stripe over the '13 LS with broken hockey stick.

I mean's amazing...#114.

Since YB fell out as an option last year sometime, I wonder how many '12 YB bosses actually made it through...
I believe 252 made. 1 in Canada with white stripes. And I saw where one got totaled. Yes that is the color I picked. I like the additional options on the 13 but didn't have to have them. Got to admit the hood vents on the 13 are a nice appearance and functional attribute. I think the 13 looks neat but liked the 12 as well but IMO the YB was the ticket. At night under a street light it really looks good. And another reason I got a 12 rather than a 13 was the 12 was titled with 650 miles on it at 5K off what the sticker was.

When I typed the post and hit the post button Jeff beat me to it. What I like about this site is that the members are always willing to help and answer questions. Good people.
After seeing both YB and SBY in person I do think YB is a much prettier color (although i wouldn't turn down an SBY Boss if someone wanted to give me one ;) ).
Congratulations! Be sure and post photos in the 2012 photo thread.
I love YB on the Boss, saw it on a Focus and it looked horrible. I don't know why. But I kind of wish I had gotten a YB now, though I do love my PW too.
Here is a High Definition Resolution Photo which was taken at the Rocky Mountain Mustang Round-up. Yellow Blaze is the way to go!!!



Awesome pic. The paint just has so much depth and movement in it, I can't take my eyes off it.
It MUST be similar to how the GHIG looks. Can anyone comment on how YB and GHIG look, if they've seen them both in person.
The YB has to been seen in person to really be appreciated. I hear the same for GHIG. Sorry if this is old news about the coloring.
Having just got my 302, of course I'm gonna stir up old stuff as a first timer!! haha

SUPRMN said:
Here is a High Definition Resolution Photo which was taken at the Rocky Mountain Mustang Round-up. Yellow Blaze is the way to go!!!

GHIG is a tri-coat like YB, so it has similar properties of pearlescence and depth. The YB looks better and changes color more in my opinion- it really pops in the sun. GHIG is cool but I run hot and cold on it. YB is a color I love to look at every day. Both look great with black accents.


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
Great looking car!! I too like the YB over the SBY and the looks for the 12 over the 13 except for the tail lights of the 13 I want those on my 12 without having to change the rear valance.
You got a great car, I'm sure Kevin took great care of it. It was built second week of production, but has a high build number for it's VIN.

I'm happy with my YB and since it is a low number car I will keep it but I do like the the SBY better.


What I especially like about the previous owner are a couple nice things.

1) Clear (hardly visible) front bra. Have to look real close to see it. Then I knew they knew what they were doing.
2) Cool message on the driver sideview mirror. "objects in mirror are losing". I saw that and said, F-yeah, that guy rocks!

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