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Fire Extinguisher Mounts

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For those of you wanting to mount fire extinguishers in your car, Summit Racing Parts sells a billet clamp and surface mount for 2.5 lb extingushers that you can use to mount one on the back seat shelf wall behind the passenger front seat like I did in my '08 Bullitt. It is easy to reach and is out of the way so you can just leave it there. You can mount it the same way in the Boss.

Mounted with pin in place.

Shown with extinguisher removed.

Shown mounted with front seat all the way back.

There is also a guy named Steve McCarley (former MCA president) who came up with an extinguisher mounting bracket which fits under the seat that seems to be taking off as a side business for him. You can contact him at [email protected] for more info.
I found my old order, so here are the part numbers of the Summit Racing set-up I bought:

Clamp: HTR-BB250B

Mount: HTR-BMF01B

Extinguisher: HTR-MX250R

If you want something prettier they sell chrome extinguishers. A Halon extinguisher is also better since it won't make a mess. The only problem with Halon though is that the gas will suffocate you in closed quarters, so it could be trouble if you are trying to put a fire out while you are in your car.
I have been swapping emails with Steve and hope to order the seat mount by the weekend. I'll post an update later.

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