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Fired up the faux boss's new motor last night

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Phoenix, Az
NSFW language as I couldn't find another word for how long its been or that it fired up so ferociously after so many months since the last motor's demise.

some more pictures:

details on the motor
MMR built 2011 block coyote (their 1000hp "kit" )
11.5:1 Manley forged Pistons
Manley forged H beam rods
rebalanced forged factory crank
MMR billet oil pump gears
MMR head cooling mod
Moroso 10QT coyote road race oil pan (yes, it was painted pink)
Boss 302R heads
Boss 302 Exhaust camshafts
Boss 302R intake
Accufab 84.5mm throttle body
Arp hardware throughout the motor
Mcleod RXT clutch
JLT carbon fiber cold air intake
(not pictured or used during break-in) MMR oil cooler kit
Fluidyne radiator
Jegs Cat delete pipes matched up on the boss 302 side exhaust H pipe (and wrapped factory headers)
Nice oil pan. Cant' wait for you to take it out and open her up. ;D
Congrats ;D You language was pretty under control considering.

The 302R stuff, is that different from the regular Boss stuff? I thought the exhaust cam was the main difference, but you list the regular Boss one for that.


Phoenix, Az
Its just how they bill it in the catalog, same stuff as a factory boss on the top-end. Basically this motor is roadrunner with different brand forged internals, slight bump in compression, but a GT flywheel, crank (rebalanced) and chain tensioners (couldn't find the boss ones and was told it really isn't that big a deal)
Have you ran it with that clutch yet? Give us a review on that clutch if so cause that looks like the clutch I have been looking at. Right around $1400 correct?


Phoenix, Az
I paid under $1000, used my stock flywheel (there's a slight overhang in the center, but I've had no issues). I've run the clutch for 8k miles and love it so far. There's some noise associated with it, a grumble at idle, and if you lug it in any gear, there's a bean-in-coffee-tin sort of sound to it. Outside the noise, its super light, only slightly grabbier than stock (and only really in LA-style traffic). I think its a great way to eliminate some of these issues but still maintain streetable manners.
Sorry I was totally wrong this is the one I have been looking at. Spec 5.0L Mustang GT SS-Trim Super Twin Disc Clutch Kit
Anyone have one?


Phoenix, Az
well, I put 50 miles on it. I forgot how light the clutch is. Very little chatter if you try to let it slip a lot (which I had a habit of doing because the porsche boxster's motor mounts were shot thus tried to keep clunking under control), but its super streetable.

The car is so ungodly loud and gnarly. I'm sure some people would love it, but the tone isn't controlled enough for me, even the Boss 302R's sound more controlled.
I have the 1. 7/8 headers. Off road x pipe
And stock everything else
With the quads capped at this point the cars
Old man quiet

I would think stock mufflers would be the
Same for you

I am thinking about those gt500 style mufflers myself

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