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First passes on new setup


2012 Boss 302 PW
Here is a video of the first passes with the new setup. I was on my way to the track when I got called out to a job. I asked my little brother who has never ran a car down the strip to drive. The DA was terrible as well @5400ft. His first pass was a 12.9 and his second pass was a 12.06.
Cool video. What changes did you make besides the skinny's and drag radials?


2012 Boss 302 PW
When I ran the car the first time it was bone stock. I ran it in the 1/8 mile and went 8.26 @92(In Houston). I then did full exhaust, mgw shifter, alm DS, UPR lowers, white line rear sway, cobra jet intake manifold, twin 65mm throttle body, CJ intake. The next pass was in Odessa, tx and my little brother driving with no seat time.
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You can see how much the rear moves around in the slow-mo shot. Maybe you should go to at least a poly upper control arm also to help control the movement. Is the car on the stock springs and dampers?


2012 Boss 302 PW
Yeah upper control arm is on the list of parts being ordered. That same run with the DA that was in Houston would have netted a low 11 second pass. I have yet to run the car myself at the track with the new setup. I can't wait to do that but looks like I won't have a chance this year.
Did you ever run your car again? I have a suspicion the stock upper and lower control arms will work best with Drag Radials. If you use slicks, I'm sure stiffer control arms will be a plus. IMO the suspension needs to be softer to launch with D/R's. I just haven't been able to get back to the track to try my theory.

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