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Fixed bucket seat install without tripping SRS?

Anyone done a fixed bucket seat install successfully in the Boss without setting off airbag lights?
What has been done?

I know this is the racing forum, but I've had no luck in the technical forum :)
My car is a street car, so I'd like to retain airbag functionality. However, the stock seats are not cutting it! I'd very much love to change the driver side one out...but not at the expense of safety. Any tips?


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I have done it with my car, you need a seat harness, seat position sensor and airbag resistor for a non seat airbag 2005-2007 Mustang. Quote from one of my posts below with some part #s

PS I have the race seat in and no Airbag light, how? here is the parts list; need to buy seat harness BR3Z-14A699-CB for and seat position sensor AR3Z-14B416-A, plus the non airbag seat resistor from the 2005-2008 Mustangs, your original seatbelt latch needs to transfer over too to plug into the new harness. If you do the passenger side, (I didn't my instructors if any will have to survive with my new Boss Recaro) you will need the proper seat harness, resistor, position sensor and the weight sensing gelpad for under your bottom. When I plugged it all in and started the car up, airbag light went out like normal.
Steve to the rescue again!

Thanks man :)
That's just what i needed! p/ns and all!
Now I shall go seat shopping!!!

The stock recaros do not cut it at all.

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