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Flat Tire blues

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Went to go for a nice night ride tonight - hopped in and saw the low pressure light
Right rear is all flat - got a nice spike right in the middle of the tire in the tread and all i did was go around the block a few times today after washing BUMMER :'(

question: isnt this covered under warrenty ? - if not whats the best method of getting it swapped ?

Thanks !
Sorry, it won't be covered under warranty. The only way you would have it covered is if you bought some kind of additional tire and wheel coverage. I bought the one from the dealer since it was only $400 and one 19" Brembo package rim or Pirelli P-zero costs that.
thanks guys - yea its way to big for a plug, - i'll get a flatbed ordered tomorrow as im only a mile from the dealer.

Sales is open but i bet service is closed tomorrow - anything I should relay to service dept ? like the rim is mint dont scrath it :)
I have never seen a company cover a defect on an OEM, Perelli being one of the companies (on their bike tires) that didn't when their tire split at the seam with 25 miles on it on a brand new bike. The manufacturer and Perelli kept saying it was the other guy's responsibility since it was an OEM tire and it wasn't worth the cost to pursue it legally.
boss2511 said:
Is it from a road hazard or tire defect?

road hazard - i'll pull it tomorrow morn. Looks to be like a cut nail for concrete or similar.

I could prolly pump the green goop in, but since im gettin it towed from my house - no need to use that thing

i'll know more tomorrow when the dealership opens

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