**For Sale** 2013 Boss Mustang SUPERCHARGED!!

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    Mar 5, 2013
    I can't believe I'm actually going to sell her but the day has come. This is not a stock boss however I do have most of the original parts - just not all of them. I'll try to provide as much detail as possible. I'm sure I'll forget things to add so feel free to ask questions via private message, this post or my email address marcoivorossi@gmail.com and I'll make sure to get you the answers if I don't know.

    Year- 2013 Boss 302
    Mileage- 21,000
    Color - White
    Recaro package with rear diff
    3.73 gearing
    WHP - 650 on pump gas
    WHP - 790 on E-85

    Modification Work: All of the modifications have been installed by Injected Engineering in Kennessaw, GA. They are an extremely respected shop and do amazing work. Aric the owner and his team have treated the car as if it were their own and they are known for their exclusivity tuning and performance enhancing knowledge on Ford and Mopar - nothing else! If you attend any of the wannagofast half mile events in GA or FL you've probably seen their trailer along with a host of amazing stangs, challengers etc....I could go on forever but will digress. For the record, the car runs a 160mph pass in the half mile. :)

    Add-Ons: I have every receipt from Injected Engineering on every single thing done to the car including tune-ups, overall services, dyno times, tunings and numbers etc..
    - Vortech Supercharget V-3 si (in powder coat black)
    Pulley is now a 2.9" 8 rib which is smaller than the original 3.6" pulley that came with the kit
    -ID 1000 fuel injectors with boost-a-pump (both came with kit)
    -IE/Fore Level 2 Fuel System - Note: I am now running a flex fuel tune from Injected Engineering that can run regular 93 or E-85 fuel!
    -Fuel Rail Option Black
    -Primary Fuel Pump: Tl Auto F90000267
    -Secondary Fuel Pump(s): Tl Auto F90000267
    -Electrical Upgrade: FC2 Controller with 6 gauge wiring Fuel Lines: Startlite -8 Feed/Return
    -Filter Media: Upgrade to reusable stainless 10 micron filter Filter Bracket: Add billet mntgbracket
    Tech notes: Install Fore Fuel System. Installed switch in trunk mounted near FPDM for remote fuel
    Pump control for draining tank
    -Stainlessworks Longtube Headers with mid pipe and cats (pretty sure I do not have original exhaust parts)
    -Magnaflow Exhaust catback street series
    -GT 500 Quad-tip exhaust in black
    -GT500 Rear Valance
    -McLeod RXT Twin disc clutch good for 1,000 hp
    -MGW short-throw shifter
    -Ford Racing triple gauge cluster with digital tach, analog boost and analog wideband gauges
    -Upper and Lower control arms (can't remember which brand - shop should know)
    -Panhard bar (can't remember brand - shop should know)
    -Eiback sport line lowering springs front and rear (red powder coat) I have original springs
    -American Muscle big break kit with drilled and slotted rotors. I have original rotors
    -Hawks ceramic break pads with 9mm in both front and rear at this point in time
    -Caster camber plates (can't remember details- shop should know more)
    -Original Boss 302 Wheels and Tires with less than 100 miles on them. I have a separate post for those wheels and tires and am willing to sell with or without the car.
    -Hood strut lift kit
    -Forgestar F14 in black 20"
    -Nitto NT01 drag radials on rear (315/30/20) with 2000 miles on them. No burnout!
    -Nitto Invo on front (255/35/20) with 4000 miles on them.
    -New spark plugs
    -New Wideband sensors
    -New Battery
    -Tinted windows
    -Original Boss car cover still in bag never opened
    -Boss 302 welcome kit from factory still in box with certification letter, line number etc.

    Location- Atlanta, GA
    Asking $47,500 with original wheels and tires or $45,000 without.

    Use the link below for pics of the car and pics of the stock wheels and tires. I also have videos on request. Thanks for reading....



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    Nov 30, 2010
    90 Miles East of Sonoma Raceway
    Tips for posting photos are below. GLWS

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    Mar 5, 2013
    Thanks Voodoo!
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    Mar 5, 2013
    Dropping the price to $39,995 OBO.
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    Mar 5, 2013
    Price drop....$36,500 OBO

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