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For those who routinely tracked on an "autocross tire" (i.e., RE71R), how many events did they last?

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Duane Black

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I have routinely run RS4. i have some RE71R that I bought for autocross, but potential circumstances mean I may not be autocrossing a Mustang next year anyway and I'm not keen on keeping the tires for a year to maybe run them the next year....

So my only RE71R experience on track was 1-2 events after like 100 autocross runs to finish killing them.

I routinely get 8-10 events (4-7 sessions per event) out of my RS4 on my s197 with -2.5 degrees of camber. They're usually heat cycled away by then.

So, would 4 events be a reasonable expectation from a set of RE71R? more? less?
I ran some re71's to the cords on my '11 GT and I think it worked out to about 1200 track miles. I probably ran another 1000 or so going to and from tracks. I swapped them on the rims to get a little more out of them. Good luck.

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