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Ford CEO goes racing!

Bill Pemberton

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Car guys in the car business , what a concept. I went out and bought some Ford Stock when I heard Farley was taking the helm, and the fact that he is Genus Trackraticus is so important to understanding the heart, soul and passion of the automobile. The key word is passion , and it is often not part of the DNA of the Executives of many Companies , but it is the molecule that portends success. The only way there can be a successful marriage in business is where passion is the main constituent, as it means hours of work, struggle , pain, and gain are part of one's heart. Sure it sounds poetic and maudlin, but just think of Iacocca, Shinoda , Harley Earl, Ray Lowey, etc. and tell me they were not consumed by love of the Automobile in their work, and it was their passion. Farley loves the car, the truck , the automotive machines and he is not alone, and he is one of the individuals who make me believe the performance enthusiast is still listened too and there is a generation of talent in the Automotive Field that shares our beliefs.

Note: Arguably the World's Most Talented " Head of Design " Ralph Gilles of FCA ( Design genius behind the Gen V Viper, new Ram, and more ) has raced Vipers in various series and mirrors Farley's love of the track to commune with the machine. Tim Kuniskis , Head of FCA Automotive Sales in the US is a drag racer from way back and look at what his passion has helped produce -- Hellcat, Demon, Durango Hellcat, etc. John Heinricy has been a GM Engineer that influenced tons of racer to switch to GM with his passion for racing many of the cars he helped engineer.

I am pumped to see who is running Ford, and yes, I am excited about many of the guys at FCA, because it portends excitement for years to come. In fact , though I do not know as many folks from GM, I do have to admit the new Corvette lends credence that " Performance " will not be forgotten , as so many of us have feared over the years. As long as passion lives, performance will be it's twin sibling!!
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