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Ford drops performance pack level 2

It's a fact. An ss 1le at 40k runs faster or same than 350.
It is ugly ? The front. Easy fix with a zl1 1le replica.

I'm curious to see the "upgraded 10speed what it will be like. Especially torque converter. And by the way. I remember the handling package cannot be with the 10speed? Maybe I'm wrong.
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^^^ have to admit, that's funny. Even with 33 years or so of owning a Chevy in my not too distant past.

But that wasn't out of any brand-loyalty to Chevy (or GM, for that matter) that I bought that car. More like an early stage of "me-loyalty" as far as cars were going to be concerned.

At this point, me-loyalty could put me in an SS/1LE or a Mustang Mach 1, fixed-income finances permitting. I've driven a 6th gen 1SS (non-1LE), some things I like, some things I don't. Which is pretty much the case with most cars.

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I've been a faithful follower of the blue oval since I was 13, but times are a changin and its starting to wear on me. Ford isn't what it used to be and I don't see a reversal to more ICE based choices.

I picked the PP2 because I felt it was a good base to start a track day build @ under $40k. I actually wish I would have bought a salvage car for $15k instead as I want to replace all the factory shortcomings. I'm a little peeved that Ford convinced me that putting track wheels/tires on a street car that can run 3 hot laps before the ECU goes into full ED was all I needed. More upset with my own ignorance really, but the 350 was not financially reasonable to me.

Adding coolers is still way cheaper than buying a Mach I. Now if I can upgrade to a Calimer trans, unload 600lb and add 75hp, I'm set. :rolleyes: 😄

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