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Ford Ecoboost Challenge

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Anyone go to one of these?

My friend and I went to the one in Chicago earlier this month. It's basically a very simple autocross event. They give you the reigns to both the Focus ST and Fiesta ST, and 4 laps. You can do 2 in one and 2 in the other, or do them all in one car. I've never done an autocross event before, nor have I ever driven a FWD car spiritedly, so it was a bit of a new experience for me. I managed to get a 29.6xx in the Fiesta, and I think a 29.8xx in the Focus. The fastest lap I saw was a 28.6, not sure which car.

Both cars are fantastically fun to drive in that environment. The Focus definitely has some grunt, and likes to get tailhappy when you lift off, I was having a blast driving the Focus. The fiesta really didn't feel that much slower to me (and obviously it wasn't), and it definitely made more turbo noise. It wasn't as easy to get sliding, or at least I didn't get it to in my short time. It was very point-able though, just a little lift, point in, and power out. Nothing crazy or surprising, it just went. I was very happy with how manageable torque steer was in both cars. It never felt like a hinderance that they were FWD.

Overall, they are both GREAT cars, and I don't think you could go wrong with either. I would have to drive its competitors (Mainly the GTI) to make a decision for myself, however the Focus ST is a very cool car.

If one of these events is in your area, I encourage you to go check it out. Its a fun way to kill an afternoon, and sample some of Fords offerings. They give you the car with no-one in the passenger seat, and let you go at it. And the best part was, its FREE!


Papa Smurf
I did the Boston event about a month ago. It was a blast! I ended up winning the shootout in the morning and got a nice Focus ST die cast that I had signed by a couple of the drivers there. Very cool event though. I have been to a bunch of these drive events and this was about the best! Thoroughly impressed with the handling of both the focus and fiesta. Very tail happy cars for being FWD!


Life is short. Live well!
Went and did this in Houston this morning. Pretty neat event. I didn't do too good in the hyper mile event, driving c-max hybrid. Drove too fast I guess, only managed 58 mpg (I'd like to get half that in the Boss). Then did the auto-x in the fiesta St, hit a couple cones, no prize. Good handling fwd car. Didn't do the focus, too long a line and too hot ! Another 90+day in SE Texas.
I did the latest Ecoboost Challenge this past Saturday at Calder Casino in Miami... quite fun tossing that quick & nimble blue Fiesta ST around their course... improved my time 3 times in a row and did fine in the morning session finals with a 22.009 where I placed first place and they gave me Sony headphones worth $300. Yay! ;D







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