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Ford Flex?

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Anyone here own a Flex and care to share their opinions? I recognize upfront that the design is polarizing, but I happen to be on the side of like it. I'm aware of the features and so forth, just looking for opinions from owners that might be more "Car guy" orientated than what is found on the Flex forums out there.

As always, thanks. :D
I'm in for opinions as well as the Flex is on the top of my list to replace my current Honda Odyssey. I even looked at one today. I'm curious about the engine options and gas mileage as I commute 50 miles a day in my DD.

My kids think it's cool looking.
I have never driven a Flex but I have a 2011 SHO. The Flex is available with the same drivetrain as my SHO with the 365 HP Ecoboost 3.5. I love the SHO and it gets 26 - 28 mpg all day long and has tons of power. I have a tune, CAI and Corsa exhaust and have run 13.0 in the 1/4 mile should be able to knock off a high 12 with some other things I have done since last year.

Reliability has been great and I have put over 30,000 miles on it in the last 9 months. Based on my SHO experience, if you were looking at the Ecoboost version I would recommend it.

Yeah, my father has a SHO with the EcoBoost, and is a big fan. If I go with a Flex I'm 90% likely to get that, although I do worry about the longevity. More than the engine however, I'm worried about all the electronic packages that appear required in the limited trim.
Price is probably higher and it isn't as cool, but two of my bro's have new Explorers. There is a 3.5 ecoboost Sport version coming out. They love the cars other than the MyTouch thing but the update which finally came out seems to fix all the feezing and crashing and lag.
For those looking for new rides, Go join SVTOA ($40) this will get you an Xplan Pin you can use to save big$$ My father in law just bought a new Edge sport with all the bells and whistles and saved over $2500 on top of all the incentives they got.
The xplan faq shows invoice - 0.04%, but with a $275 fee plus a $100 fee the dealer can charge. Seems like for high volume cars that isn't a savings since you can usually get them at invoice. Or do I have it wrong?


Mustang owner since 84
If your thinking about a Flex, I can tell you that many guys here at work replaced their Expedition with the Flex and really love it, and so far I havent heard anything at all about issues.
They have kids in sports, like soccer and hockey and its plenty large for equipment and MPG is great for its size..

Plus if you have a Boss the white hood would match your car.:)
CaliMR said:
The xplan faq shows invoice - 0.04%, but with a $275 fee plus a $100 fee the dealer can charge. Seems like for high volume cars that isn't a savings since you can usually get them at invoice. Or do I have it wrong?

MSRP XPLAN incentives Net
SE $29,465 $28,708 $1,500 $27,208
SEL $32,100 $30,803 $1,500 $29,303
Limited $35,765 $34,124 $1,500 $32,624
Titanium $38,260 $36,386 $1,500 $34,886

I guess it would pay to see what it would be with and without. get your best offer then spring Xplan on them at the last second to see if it would save you more.
With some models Xplan can save you money, especially off those dealers that wont budge off sticker.
I saved almost 3G off my 2005 Stang when it first came out over what the local dealer wanted (3K markup)I flew down to Daytona beach ( 1 way $79) dealer picked me up, signed the papers and was on my way.
I recently purchased a 2012 Flex Limited and really like it. I got the base engine which is the 3.5 front wheel drive. Gas milage I get 22 mpg which is based on about a 50/50 commute (50 hwy/50 city), and it's still getting broken in (6K miles). The head room in these things make you feel like a kid, it's crazy. Mine has the tow package and did well pulling a 6x10 trailer with about 750 lbs on it with no trailer brakes. In addition it's likely the most quite and comfortable ride I've ever had.
Thanks everyone.

T1000, have you ever wished you opted for the upgraded engine? The '13 has about an extra 20 horsepower on the base V6, and am debating on whether the ecoboost is necessary for getting around in.
Not yet, and I wasn't aware of the extra 20hp base. I know the 13 model has a different front grill and I like the old 3 bar grill. I didn't drive the ecoboost engine, but I have heard it is amazing. The way I look at it, if I want to go fast I'll take the Boss. I have had no performance issues with mine. You may also want to check the incentives, when I bought mine it was 0% for 60 months on a 2012 and 0% for 72 months on a 2011. Best of luck on whatever you decide.
Thanks for the thoughts guys. Looks like we might trade in our WRX on a Flex. That is to say, we are getting a Flex for certain, just not sure if we will trade in or sell separately etc.

Only thing really holding me back is the color options, nothing jumps out as me as "great"
Between the Red, Grey and Blue w/ Titanium package.
I have to say, I looked at a Flex at the local auto show, and I was blown away by the $50K+ sticker price. Seriously?
T1000 said:
I hear ya, I really like mine as well, very comfortable and "flex"able. EB = Ecoboost? If so how does that run?

Runs great so far. Pretty easy to keep it out of boost for maximum fuel economy, but the gusto is there when you want it. So far getting 22.5mpg with 40/60 (city/HWY) driving, which seems pretty good to me for not being broken in yet.
coboss said:
I have to say, I looked at a Flex at the local auto show, and I was blown away by the $50K+ sticker price. Seriously?

I feel the same way. Ours stickered in that range, but with incentives and haggeling we got it for 13% under sticker.

So how did I end up getting one? Well, I looked at everything else out there and comparatively found the Flex the best value of them all. We would have preferred to get something used, but finding a used Flex with EB proved impossible. There are cheaper options, but not with all the goodies the flex has, I guess you can say I'm a sucker for toys.

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