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Ford Shifting to Build-to-Order Model

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400lb Gorilla
Denver, CO
From a business and consumer standpoint I can’t really see a downside to this model.

If they keep a few fully optioned models on the lot for ‘fit and finish’ testing, aside from the wait it seems the best way to get what you want.



400lb Gorilla
Denver, CO
Aside from the wait being key.
Who orders a car now? I do, most dont. Will the market like the shift?
I, too, have always ordered and waited. That said, I can see the market shifting to a degree for specific higher end models. The more general models I don’t see being as acceptable. If someone is looking for a high mpg daily driver it seems that they would walk to the Honda or Toyota dealers as opposed to waiting for a bespoke budget Ford.

I could see the Mach-E, higher trim F-150s, and the Mustang GT+ models (GT500, Mach 1, etc) going fully custom. It will make test driving a POA, but they are ultimately selling they limited edition.

Ford may even try to replicate the Porsche Design experience to a degree. That would be interesting 🤔
In a world when I can get everything NOW, this idea that Ford has is going to crash and burn. When you got the Mustang in pictures and maybe one stang on the lot that every drives and gets all nasty and the camaro can be had at the chevy dealer in almost every color NOW guess which sales are going to increase?
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W2W Racing
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3-5 Years
Naples, FL
Well, I ordered a Mach 1 last month, having only driven a 2017 Mustang GT, which I rented from Hertz two years ago lol

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