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Forza Motorsport "Boss" 4 Pics

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Ever since my father bought his Boss 302, I'd been working hard on making a digital version of it to race with in the Xbox 360 racing game Forza Motorsport 4, despite the game not having a ready-made version in the game or as Downloadable Content (DLC). As only one monthly DLC car pack has been released since Forza's release in mid-October, there are plenty more opportunities for the development team to get the car in the game.

But many Forza players just can't wait, so some of the Mustang fanatics made their own. I started work on mine before I decided to check the in-game storefront for designs that go on the only 2010 style Mustang in the game (the 2010 Shelby GT500).

I found that many of the 2012 Boss 302 player-made designs were not that great. Some had the scale of the stripes greatly exaggerated or the upper part of the C-Stripe (the pointy part) with a square end instead of a point. Other designs had the stripes right, but were missing the mirror paint or the hood accents or the grille accents... So when I put "Boss 302 Final" up for sale, it was close to the real thing, but it still needed work. I continued working on the design, and released "Boss 302 Final2", which had the rear bumper stripes pointed, not squared as they were in the first "Final".

While the Final2 design was one of the best-looking designs, it was still missing one crucial ingredient: the famous "Boss 302" logo in the C-stripe. I wanted to do the Boss logo as real as possible, but knew it would be a ton of work to add serifs and other features that none of the game fonts had. The closest I could find was the Forza Font, so I used that as the basis for my Boss logos on the sides.

The new final design, in my honest opinion, is the best reproduction available, and even though it's not a perfect clone, it's pretty damn close.

For starters, check out this digital version of the Grabber Blue Laguna Seca that was sold at auction for a staggering $450,000 USD:

My first "Final" creation, doing a burnout at Indianapolis Motor Speedway:

Another of my first "Final", drifting around a corner on IMS' infield road course:

A partially-finished custom scheme, Kona Blue with Green stripes, testing at Top Gear's UK test track at Dunsfold Airfield:

Another custom paint, in a sort of light Champagne color with Green stripes, matching green wheels as part of its Laguna Seca Package (yeah, I'm aware it's "ugly" but I thought it looked cool; besides, I was showing how easy it is to customize the scheme):

A custom Ingot Silver with White Stripes Laguna Seca Package version (mistakenly forgot the Laguna Seca wing... ooops):

Ingot Silver with Red Stripes Laguna Seca Package. I know the wheels aren't exactly Laguna Seca wheels, but found these wheels to give it a Bullitt style while the wheels in action give it that Laguna Seca look (see Champagne-colored one above, it's exactly the same car).

and finally, a Kona Blue Metallic with White Stripes and Ford Rear Wing might please a certain BMO moderator, lol ;)

If anyone has Forza Motorsport 4 and wants a copy of the design in their car's colors, PM me your details and I'll gift you a car ASAP. Must have an XBOX Live capable gamertag to be able to receive the car.
Nice work. If I had an XBox 360 I'd take you up on your offer. I'm not sure but I like the yellow with the green accents and stripes.
New Additions to the Boss 302 paints in Forza Motorsport 4. In other Forza news, the developers are going to announce their December car pack sometime this week. Hope to see the 2012 Boss 302 show up in this pack; if not, not the end of the world, there's always the next month's pack...

Race Red with White stripes

Competition Orange with White stripes

Competition Orange with Black stripes
Great job,...thats alot of work to do that stuff....I have tried and not very good at patience....would love to have the race red and white stripe to match my Boss.
cf6mech said:
Great job,...thats alot of work to do that stuff....I have tried and not very good at patience....would love to have the race red and white stripe to match my Boss.

If you have an Xbox 360 and Forza Motorsport 4, I can gift you a car in the red and white.

I just finished a Yellow Blaze Metallic and Black version, I think it looks fantastic!

Custom Kona Blue and Lime Squeeze Laguna Seca edition. Pondering whether to put this up for sale or not:

Redid the one-off Grabber Blue LS that was auctioned off a few months ago. Thinking about auctioning it off just like the real deal:

Laguna Seca Black and Red with red wheels and front splitter wing (though wrong bumper, but can't change that)

UPDATE: Since I put up the paints in Forza storefront, I've sold two Kona/White versions at 15k game credits each. Just a few moments ago, while taking a pic of my Black and Red LS edition, I sold an Orange/White one at 15k credits.

My "final2" version (only color of which was Race Red and Black) sold just 7 in just over a month of being on sale.
808Boss said:
is this available for ps3? Looks like only for x-box. Darn

Yeah, only for Xbox. The developer, Turn 10, is part of the Microsoft Game Studios group.

Of course, I could go on a console war tirade, but I'm not that kind of guy, lol. If you have Gran Turismo 5, you might want to check and see if they have paint jobs available. Since I don't own a PS3 or GT5, I do not know whether GT5 has a livery editor, or if it does have a livery editor, whether it's as option-packed as Forza's livery editor.

I'm gonna take a break from the painting for a day. Started doing the 302 paints yesterday and getting all available OEM colors in my Storefront, but the fast color-swapping gave me a headache.

If anyone has a color scheme request, let me know. I'm obviously gonna do all the OEM schemes, but custom requests will be gifted cars instead of storefront sales. This is due to a limited amount of storefront space available to all players (18 slots per player).
UPDATE: The December 2011 IGN Car Pack will NOT include the 2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302. The car list is as follows:
1986 Alfa Romeo Spider Quadrifoglio Verde
1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS-396
1977 Ford Escort RS1800
2011 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor
1957 Maserati 300 S
2010 Maserati GranTurismo MC GT4
2011 Mazda RX-8 R3
1988 Pontiac Fiero GT
2011 Suzuki Monster Sport SX4
1981 Volkswagen Scirocco S

Guess we (or I, rather) will have to wait till January :(
New additions to my Forza Motorsport 4 storefront

Boss 302 Laguna Seca Holiday Edition

Silver and Red Laguna Seca

Race Red with Black stripes

and finally, Performance White and Black


Dont like the Shelby/2013 front end on a Boss.............picture is cool though!
Dont like the Shelby/2013 front end on a Boss.............picture is cool though!

Can't really help it with the front end. If the game had the 2010 Mustang GT along with the 2010 Shelby GT500, then I could make both the 2012 and 2013 Boss mustangs until Forza Motorsport adds them to a DLC.
I went a different route, using the pre-facelift GT instead of the GT500. With displacement bump (4.9), race valvetrain to raise the redline, mid level intake and mid level exhaust I have it at like 448 hp and 389 tq. Then did suspension and sways etc. and tranny, still need to adjust the gears but got the diff to 3.77, lsd, etc and as close a body kit as I could find and am in the process of tuning it to drive like the Boss. My graphics kit I made are pretty hack, but I play from cockpit so it isn't that big a deal. Will finish them up later. The dash inside is different, but I just ignore that ;D

I don't know how to export pics from Forza, but it has been a lot of fun taking it to my local track (Sears/Infineon) and destroying my real life record there in my spec E30. Still has a little too much oversteer but I am working on it.

I looked at the GT500 conversions but they have too much power, wanted something more realistic as far as dynamics. Nobody has even a half decent GT Boss sticker set that I saw. Also built like I did it, it is right at the top of A class, so I can use it against my friends' real world cars they built in game.


That's awesome. I am playing FM4 right now.

Only nitpick is that the Mustang model you are using is the shelby fascia and thus looks like the '13 Boss' but they have the '12 boss stripes.


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