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FP 5.0L and 5.2L Gen2 Water Pump with 30% increase in flow

Ford's web site says it comes with 4 bolts for the pulley. When did they change to a 3-bolt pulley for this?

I was hoping to reuse my 4-bolt lightweight pulley.
Based on the information in this thread, you could probably use a jaw puller to remove the flange off your old water pump and press it onto the new one at the correct depth, provided the shaft OD and flange ID was the same between the two.
Finally installed mine since the car is out of commission waiting on a camber plate bearing repair. Here is just a few more pics and one showing the impeller thickness difference. Runs perfectly but no temp data since the car isn’t drivable at the moment but I’ll be waiting for on track differences.



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Is it just camera angle, or is the impeller diameter larger in the Ford Performance pump?


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The new pump comes with a new pulley. The number of bolts is largely irrelevant. I'm in the same space as @Equinsu right now--it's on my engine, just waiting on the engine to go back in the car in the next few days :) Will have AIM data to compare soon--but hot summer month's racing events will yield the best info.

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