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Front splitter installation problem


2012 Boss 302 LS #439
Hi all, I am new to this forum but cannot find an answer to the problem I am having. I took possession of my 2012 Boss 302 LS #439 on a couple of days ago and I want to install the front splitter. I was able to remove the stock splitter but I am unclear as to whether I am also supposed to remove the air deflectory that sits behind the chin. THis is a glossy black piece that sits below the 4 leading edge bolts that have to be replaced with the J nut. It seems that the hex screws are not quite long enough to go through the track splitter the air deflector and then engage the upper portion of the J nut. I fussed with it for a couple of hours before giving up last night so any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Next up is the brake cooling ducts which looks like a much harder job! How come there aren't any exact instuctions on the web for that?
I did not use those four myself on the splitter I made for my non-LS Boss. The supplied bolts are suppose to be long enough to work from what I read. I picked up some M8x30 hex bolts to use on mine to give me room to lower it, sounds like they would work for you.
Call the Ford hot line, they e-mailed me a instruction sheet on the splitter, missing from the box. I used a small punch or awl to line the holes up, do not tighten the bolts all the way until you have them all started! There is a good photo from 5 dot O, Rick about the brake ducts, move the horns, it will be easier.


2012 Boss 302 LS #439
Thanks for the pointers. Solved my problem by flipping the offending j nuts so their nipples pointed to the ground. Splitter done...looks wicked :eek:
I had the same problem, could not get three of them to take, just didnt use them. For the cooling ducks I removed the window washer tank and turned the horns 180degs. To get the hose to fit I removed 2.25 turns of the wire from the end of the hose.

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