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Hey guys,

I'm selling my coilover set that I was originally planning on installing onto my LS, however I'm planning on going another route.

These were purchased from a forum member on here and sent to J J at Upspeed to have them inspected, built, and revalved, invoice is available as well. I have not used them since I had them serviced.

Tuned Up Service: Upgraded Performance Valving Revalved & Precision Built New Low Friction Seals New Maxima Oil New Shims Documented Adjustment Settings Dyno Tested & Matched
JRi Double Adjustable Mustang Strut Shaft Assembly -
JRi HSRD/Double Adjustable Preload Cage
JRI-13209213 JRI Radial/Linear Piston Assembly

Price-$3,000 obo located in socal- willing to meet up as well.

JRi DA.jpg
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I've been looking at the JRi 2-way adjustments to see what parts of the curve they work on, but I found a tech doc that makes it look like you can pretty much build any adjustment you want depending on shaft style and other options. Do you know what things your 2-ways actually adjust? Better yet, do you have shock dyno printouts from the rebuild you can post that show adjuster sweeps? Hard to tell from the pic, but the adjusters look like pin-sweep style, rather than the A-B-C clicker knob shown on MM's site? Also, what spring rates come with the shocks?

Curious about what route you decided to go instead of these - care to elaborate?

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