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G loc R10 pads

Anyone have experience running these on the front? I was looking for a good cross over pad between autocross and track. Most of the track days I run is 8-10 minutes a session combined with me driving a 3v (slow). I'm currently in between wilwood BP20 and BP30 pads and looking for another alternative.

Mad Hatter

Gotta go Faster
Santiago, Chile
I tried the the Gloc 12 and 16 pads and liked them and they are a big step up from the BP 20 and 30 pads. Have not use them (the BP pads), but my buddies did. Those Wilwood pads are serious disc eaters! they switched to gloc R12 pads and ended up being happy.
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3-5 Years
No R10 front experience but I use R12 front pads and I like them.

I think the general consensus is that G Loc pads work well, are nice to rotors, but the pads themselves don't last as long as other brands.
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5-10 Years
Lenoir City TN
I ran the R10's on the front with R8's on the back for awhile for HPDE, but I don't have any experience with the Wilwood pads. I moved up to the R12/R10 combination after going to stickier tires. The R10's were fine for 20 minute sessions. They had good feel, were easy on rotors, but make some noise on the street. They didn't require a lot of warm up, so they should be good for your use.

Norm Peterson

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a few miles east of Philly
I've been running G-loc and Carbotech pads almost exclusively for a while now. My '08 currently has R10 pads up front on SVT/Brembo brakes and Carbotech XP-10 pads (essentially the same formulation) out back on the OE rear brakes. As noted above, they're gentle on your rotors - much closer to Hawk's HPS street pads than to Hawk's HP+ weenie track pad in this respect. Yes, like all track-rated pads you'll get some dust and occasional noise, but the 10-level pads still have decent bite at least down into the 20°F range. Even the 12's are do-able to those temperatures if you're a bit careful while they're still cold (or became cold as you drove without having to use them).

Before I upgraded the the SVT/Brembos, I ran (variously) XP8 pads (not enough pad for a 4.6; I managed to crack them), XP10 pads (still a bit marginal with a 4.6 and 12.4" rotors), and XP-12 pads (shorter life than the XP10's).


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