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Gear Whine Warranty?

I dropped my car off at the dealer today. I just can't take the whine anymore. We are taking a vacation for a week so I figured it was a good time to drop it off. I told the tech to drive it home so he can experience the whine. My ears ring after an hour in the car. I really hope Ford replaces the gears under warranty. If they don't I'm going to buy new gears and pay to have them installed. I even suggested they install 3:90's just in case the 3:73's have an inherent problem. I'm sure that the UCA location helps resonate sound as well.
I doubt it is the gears, someone will probably jump in and say that they can be adjusted to make no noise. I say it probably isn't the gears because I hear the same exact sound in a car with a Ford true trac with 3.23's and a quad link, I feel like it is just something that comes with a performance oriented car.
If installed properly, as in correct pinion depth and backlash, they should be quiet in most cases. I did install an aftermarket brand (I think pro 5.0?) of 3.90 gears in an 8.8 that I could never get quiet. I have installed Ford Racing's 3.73 and 4.10's and all have been quiet. My Boss has a small amount of decal whine which I probably would not even hear if I had the factory rear suspension in it.

Tucson 302

2013 Black LS #439
I've always had gear whine from mine, but now since I removed the cats and everything in the back except the roll bar all I hear is the roar of the Boss!
Asked my dealer about this, when I went in for the cel, and they told me they needed to contact engineering. I thought that was odd, but they called me a couple of days ago, telling me they have an e-mail stating the Boss axles are set up differently and will make noise. That reminds me, l did not get a copy of said e-mail. Will call them in the am. Anyone here have access to factory service manuals and can confirm this?

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