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Go Pro Cameras and Mounts

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So, I took the plunge and got 2 GoPro Motorsports Editions... along with the Wifi Remote and Packs for each Camera... So I have been playing with InCar Videos with the Suction Cup Mount, but they say you can put one on the exterior and it will stick up to 100 MPH... I am a little nervous putting one on the car and driving around with it... Cause if it falls off its more than likely $299 down the tubes... or under the tire, LOL anyone had any issues with these things falling off using the suction cup mount?

I have the 3M tape mounts too, but not liking the fact that I have to stick them on the car, and then they are "used up" once you take them off...

I am looking to make some cool videos of the BOSS with them, just trying to plan the right way to do it, hopefully with damage to the car or the cameras...
I have used the suction cup in numerous locations around the exterior of the car and at speeds that have hit 130. Those mounts work great and has yet to come loose. This includes mounting to side just behind the front wheel, to the back corner and to the front splitter. You obviously want to make sure the surface is clean, as well as the suction cup. My favorite is still inside the car, mounted to roll bar where it is rock solid with no vibration. I have added an extension to the roll bar so the GoPro is about 8" closer to the front seats to improve the exterior viewing angle of the track.
Here is a link to a video showing several different exterior mounts, all with the suction cup. This was before I moved the roll bar mount farther forward.

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