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Going to run my first open track event tomorrow

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I never get tired of driving it!
Running with the Motor City Region Shelby club. I bought my helmet and gloves yesterday. It should be fun. There really isn't any racing, just an opportunity to drive fast in a safe enviroment. They will have instructors to ride along to show you the lines. Only $140 for all day. The track is Waterford Hills here in Michigan. Here is their site I'll post pictures and video I hope. Has anyone run this course?

Have fun! One of the hardest parts is learning to stay on the gas when you instinctively want to coast or brake in a turn. Just listen to your instructor and don't push it too hard too soon, and you will do fine.
Remember it isn't a race, the whole point is to have fun. Some people forget that about DEs. Try not to break your face from smiling too much.

Wear sunscreen.


My first HPDE, my arm got tired from giving point by's ;D, but the second day you start to get a real feel for what the car can do and I keep learning more each time!


I never get tired of driving it!
I had a great time. I first rode in the instructors car to show me the course and I was amazed at what his car could do. He was going into corners at speed, hitting the brakes quick, pointing the car and back on the gas. If was fun. Amazing how cars can grip. The biggest challenge I was thinking ahead to the next turn and putting the car into position in anticipation. In normal driving you just think about the turn that you have to make now. I got better as the day went on and had the instructor drive with me. He as a great guy. I have a few photos. No one to take video, but next time. Anyhow I thought my Boss, completely stock, handled pretty close to his Fox Body that had all high end stuff. He was impressed even though I was driving and he was pointing me where to go. Also, it was just driving fast and not racing. It is fun to learn what this car and do in a safe environment. I did put a photo of the tires. They got hot and the surface became textured (see photo). I didn't know if the tires got the texture from scuffing or if they melted or the track was melted onto the tires. Thoughts?

My car and I


Waiting to enter the track

Instructors Car

Getting ready






Tire wear - Interesting






That's rubber debris picked up from the track and melded onto the tire. It falls off if you driving it around town a bit.
The tires will get really hot on track day and become "gooey" and everything sticks to them for a short bit.
What he said. Your wear looks pretty good. I was getting wings on my tires pretty bad, which is usually from under/over damping. The edges of your tread blocks are nice and square. Also based on that tire, you could have run a little less pressure. But that all comes later. Having a good time is the most important thing, and you seem to have done that right ;D

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