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Good Vendor Thread


Performance Fords
I was just thinking that we should have a good vendor thread or area where we can post good experiences with dealerships or parts vendors. This will be for GOOD vendor experiences only, NO bashes or complaints. NOT meant for complaining but a resource for folks looking to buy parts or get service in their area... What do you guys think?
Cortex has been a tremendous resource and the absolute best parts and customer support, & AED if you need a tune


Performance Fords
We purchased my wife's Focus ST from Walnut Creek Ford in California. Really great buying experience. Had the passenger window motor go out in the Boss about 6 months after I bought it and the service department did a great job taking care of it.

I will be taking the Boss there to get Trackey installed there next week.



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summit racing
american muscle
levvitownford (I may have spelt it wrong)
tasca ford
kns brakes

I am sure I am missing a few but those are my go to sites


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3-5 Years
Brighton, Colorado

All of these folks plus a few already listed below have been outstanding in their service and support of my heavily modded Boss.
Re: Good Vendor Thread -- Hypermotive

I have had really good experience buying several parts from Hypermotive. Great prices and fast delivery on a DSS Driveshaft, Enkei wheels and several other parts.

The real test of a supplier though is when things go wrong. I broke an Enkei wheel 3 weeks ago, and Jason at Hypermotive has gone out of his way the get a replacement, in spite of what appears to be a less than stellar response from Enkei.

I thoroughly recommend Hypermotive.

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