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Got a Laugh Today at a Dealership (Long Read)

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So this morning I went to a local Ford dealership that had an ad selling a 2012 Boss 302. When I arrived, I asked to speak with the person who listed their name on the ad but they had the day off according to the secretary.

A salesman nearby jumped on the opportunity to help me (1st mistake) and asked what it was he could do for me. I introduced myself and stated I was looking for a new 2012 Boss 302 and saw the ad.

The salesman quickly said to me, "Oh you’re the one who was talking the other day with JK about the Boss!" I replied, "Nope, not me this is my first time asking about the 302 here." (2nd mistake)

He had me have a seat at his desk and asked if I knew what options I wanted. I told him there are only two options available (Recaro...etc and floor mats...etc) and as for the color, I got that handled.

But WAIT he said........"did you hear about the SUPERCHARGER KEY?" (3rd mistake) I said, "Supercharger key?" You mean the Trackey don't you? The salesman told me it comes with 3 keys (standard, trackey and supercharger key) and I corrected him saying there is no such thing.

Trying not to be rude, I basically told him "Listen, it's obvious I know more about this particular car than you do so just answer two easy questions for me."

1. What quarter build is it?
2. How much are you asking?

The salesman quickly went to his computer and started to “look” things up and turned the monitor around when he was done and asked me if “this” is what I was wanting. He showed me the Boss 302 build option on the Ford website. (4th mistake)

I again repeated the two questions I wanted answered and he got up and “talked” with his manager. When he returned he said he could get one it’s just a matter of finding it. (5th mistake) I played along and said “OK” if you were to find one how much are you asking for it?

(Hope your sitting down when you read this next part)

He told me after they found one he could sell it to me for $58,000! (6th mistake) I about started to laugh out loud and tell him he’s crazy but refrained from doing so.

I explained to him if you “build a Ford” on the website and choose the Boss 302 option and just go with the basics…..the price at MSRP is $42,000. There is NO WAY I’m paying an extra $16,000 to get it now. Plus I told him if he was able to “somehow” get one from another dealer, I would be shocked. Don’t know how it would be done but I asked him to make a believer out of me.

Just before I left, he said what if he could get his hands on one? I finished by telling him this: “If you can get one by the end of this month and at MSRP, I would give him $1,000 cash bonus from my own pocket!” I gave him my name and number…..and personally, I doubt I will EVER hear from him!

My word of advice: If you don’t know what your selling, your wasting the customers time.
It's really sad that they dont know what they are selling, but they charge an ADM. You should have bought the supercharger key. I would like to hear what that does. Maybe a genie under the hood changes the intake into 1
This is a great story...I love stuff like this, and we've all had experiences like this. Was this salesman a kid or someone who looked like they had been around the car sales floor for awhile? I could forgive a kid learning the ropes. Unfortunately, there appear to be a fair amount of car salesmen these days who don't spend the time to learn the specifics of their products.

I like my sales guy alot...the Boss will be the 3rd vehicle we've bought from him in three years. He's a real pro when it comes to moving dealer inventory and finding the exact vehicle you want out in the dealer network if they don't stock exactly what you're looking for. And he's service oriented without being lame. But I have to admit the Boss purchase, tracking, follow up etc. with production, status and transportation tools available to him seems a bit over his head. But the dealer is small, and they got me their one lottery allocation at MSRP. I can live with that.

Keep posting these stories, guys!

Speaking of guys...there are no women on this forum are there? Hmmmm....


Some say he has a tattoo of his face on his face.
We all know we know more than more than 50% of the people we buy cars from, not just Bosses. It's saddening. But oh well.
LOL..This is certainly true with the 2012 302 BOSSES, with many dealers, including mine, just getting one allocation for this year.I don't think many of them did their homework on this car. Maybe that explains how BOSS #0001 fell threw the cracks. I still have a hard time believing how that happened! Shane, you're one lucky dude!
I spoke to a few dealerships when looking for the Boss and found pretty much what you describe. At 3 out of 4 dealerships, they tried to BS their way thru, but knew little or nothing about the Boss. (eventually just ordered one ... still waiting)

** But maybe some of these guys came up from used car sales. That is one sales job where the less you know the better - better not to know what that grinding noise is coming from the tranny ;D or hear the miss coming from one of the cylinders!


jimprw said:
Speaking of guys...there are no women on this forum are there? Hmmmm....

I have two Bosses; one in the driveway, and the other who sleeps next to me and doesn't understand why I also love the one in the driveway.
The salesman was an older gentleman who seemed to be new to the dealership but not new to sales.

As I talked with him on how he'd get a Boss away from a dealership he jumped right into the Ford Raptor and explained how no one around the area had one and "they" (dealership) made a trade with the other dealership. He said they traded something like 3 of their cars for the one Raptor.

I know where he was going with this analogy but did tell him I find hit "HARD" to believe another dealership was going to "trade" away their one and possibly only Boss allocation for him.

The Boss 302 is a vehicle in which you can put in your showroom and draw people in to look at.......why would anyone just trade it away? The only way I can think of it is, your in need of a sale and are deperate!

I'm looking forward to today because the "original" salesperson who put the ad in the paper is working today.......wonder if he will call me?
atrain1975 said:
jimprw said:
Speaking of guys...there are no women on this forum are there? Hmmmm....

I have two Bosses; one in the driveway, and the other who sleeps next to me and doesn't understand why I also love the one in the driveway.
ROFLMAO...I can attest to that. Although, after nearly 30 years I think mine does understand the difference between men and boys is the cost of their toys....still, she'll be looking at my Boss and thinking of all the remodelling that she could have done with that cash...
302BOB said:
When I talked to my "boss" about getting a BOSS, she said it would have to be orange. Needless to say a CO BOSS was ordered 4/6/11. The sacrifices I make for my boss at home...............
Hah! EXACT same story at my house. She picked the color, which was easier to live with than letting her run the TV remote.
The secret is to pester your significant other to read ALL your posts & after a while she will say "LEAVE ME ALONE". I have nothing to hide when I post & my significant other isn't worried now, as well....all is good. It will get Better when my BOSS arrives...AMEN.
2012Boss said:
cloud9 said:
Hah! EXACT same story at my house. She picked the color, which was easier to live with than letting her run the TV remote.

I take it you don't let her read this site like the other ;D
Heck yea! She's cool about that stuff. She's even so fired up about the car now that we committed to going to the Sturgis Mustang Rally in early September and she's coming to the Who's the Boss Track event in Hastings.....and she's even driving the Poonstang down ;D
So today I wanted to call the orginal salesman and ask him a few questions about his ad. After several calls, I finally reached JK and asked him if he still had the "Boss" for sale and if it was a LS or not.

JK stated it was a "Boss order" and it could be placed at anytime. I asked him if it was a 2nd, 3rd or 4th quarter build and he was CLUELESS. He just said he was able to order the car.

I caved and just let the issue stand as it was but then asked how much they were selling it for. JK said $52,000! I told him MSRP is only $42,000 and his co-worker quoted me a price of $58,000 the other day.

So I took my shot at him (sorry to say it felt good) I told him anyone who pays $10,000 over sticker must be desperate for the vehicle and did little to no research....also if you can't promise a deliver what are you doing posting an ad for the vehicle?

I am not nor have I ever been in sales but to me it sounds alot like "bait and switch" if you ask me! I am just very thankful I have the salesman I do and the dealership I have.
Same here. It was rough at first because they couldn't get my quarter allocation. But everything else was on the money!

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