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Got my 'baseline' numbers from my 2013 Boss


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
USNjocson said:
For now I will use Mothers mag polish. I have used it in the past and loved the results. But next time I will give mrbuffer and blue magic a shot.

Is anyone familiar with kooks and their metal? The h-pipe I have has a bronze tint to it and says, "cured in Italy". The cat delete portion, headers and side pipe all dont have that and is normal in color. Would it be safe to sand the h-pipe to a polish?
my ARH headers had the same tint to them. I wonder if its a coating they put on it? I would give it a shot in a small area first.

for off the shelf polish the mothers billet is really good for a finish polish. Blue magic liquid is pretty decent as well.
All the exhaust parts are in! I'm hand sanding everything minus the headers and I must say they look great! In this pic you can see the cat-delete pipes (behind the side side exhaust) are sanded down at 600 grit. They used to look like the lethal OTA pipes there on the floor.

This came in yesterday. I cant believe how light it is

and the final part came in this morning. Thanks YellowBoss

I'm booked to have all the parts installed and tuned on the 30th of this month. Cant wait!

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