Got my cage and Kirkeys installed!

Discussion in 'Boss 302 and S197 Technical Forum' started by cgaulzetti, Dec 21, 2018.

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    this car is now officially insane.

    this car was visceral and felt like you were opening the gates of hell overtime you pushed the gas pedal before- by stiffening it up with this 6 point roll bar and ripping out all the carpets and the rear seats- the thing is nuts.

    if any of you guys are looking for a cage or roll bar or even harnesses i can not recommend enough. these guys were awesome. so pro- and they get it. i could not be happier with their pricing, work, and attention to detail. these guys are the real deal. give them money.

    on another note- kirkey seats are a great value and super comfy and with the fathousefabrication adjustable mounts you can unbolt them and move them around to really dial in the position. these seats are great and look and feel super pro and fast.

    think i'm ready for a couple of track days now?

    i love it.

    9C5551A1-6B98-4BBB-AAC1-9D8BD6A95527.jpeg 26DE96E7-0DBC-4D91-9A1B-BA52130D4A9D.jpeg 0868EF8B-AF71-4728-8BA1-DA38FDC9E1A8.jpeg 76DBB8F8-B69C-4B3F-A9AB-A1A295EA4A3A.jpeg
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    Looks good.

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