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Ground Control Coil Overs

Does anybody have any experience with the Ground Control Coil Over kit for the S550 Mustang?

I need a setup for the front that has a shorter strut body. The GC front coil over struts are Koni inserts with a custom strut body that is 35mm shorter than stock and this is perfect for my application. But I am not finding much if any feedback on the GC kit.

If GC is not the way to get, are there any other coil over kits that don't reduce wheel clearance that are shorter then stock?

Thanks in advance,

PS - I currently have a complete Steeda setup with adjuster struts and progressive springs. I really like that setup, but wouldn't mind something a bit stiffer with linear springs.
PPS - Why do I need a shorter strut? I hesitate to post this here, but I am making the car AWD and making my own front spindle. To clear the CV joint, I have to raise the strut mount location relative to the wheel centerline. If I do this with a stock style strut AND lower the car 1in, I won't have much suspension travel left.
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an AWD mustang... lol sounds very cool. It ha sbeen my experience that the Penske shocks are the dominate shocks on pretty much any racetrack, of course the issue is the insane ($10K) price of them, JRI build a decent shock for the price and they might be open to building a custom shock for you, They are prolly going to run you around $4K but if you can get what you need, in a quality piece, I think it would be worth it.
Thanks for the response.

To be honest I am not looking to spend that much money at this time. I know this is a track focused group and the lack of response suggests that the GC coil overs are not a good track setup. To be honest, if I didn't want the shorter strut, I would simply use what I have until I prove out the AWD system, etc.

Thanks again,
I have not researched them excessively, but my biggest concern is getting a strut that is shorter so I don't run out of travel with my modified front spindle.
You could try calling up Fortune Auto or similar companies that have a threaded shock body that allows the bottom spindle pickup to be threaded up or down. It effectively changes the overall length while keeping the piston within the same travel.

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