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GT350 driven by the Stig, UK

Hi Guys

Here's a video of one of the pre production GT350's.

Ford shipped it over for Ben Collins the former Top Gear Stig to drive up the hill climb at Goodwood Festival of Speed

I had a chat with Ben in the pit lane, he said the car was an animal.

This was the first time he had driven the car, can you imagine that, ie be given the keys to a car and told to launch it up the hill as fast as you can having never driven it before!

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Having more fun than should be my Boss
four-walling said:
Wow, wow, wow...

Yes...Wow indeed. A handful with cold "R" compound tires.....probably cool ambient conditions and no previous experience driving the car. He lived up to the "Stig's" driving reputation for sure.
I was among the crowd at Goodwood that day.
In the middle section of the climb.

There are huge screens all over the place where you can pretty much see the full run.
The comments of the crowd were +/- "Another American car - power but no handling".
It sure was fun and impressive to watch but the ultimate visual message to the spectators was a bit questionable...
When interviewed the Stig said plenty of good things about the car but the people were a bit skeptical after seeing it barely under control all the way up.

Personally, I was amazed at the sound. And of course I loved everything about it!
My impression of his drive was that he was trying to drift the car, or make it look out of control, not that he was out of control. Shoot, have you ever seen a video of a British magazine or guy driving a high performance car where he wasn't drifting the car? One of my favorite things about driving my Boss on track is catching those "great handling" European cars either under braking or on corner exit. ;)

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