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GT350 Front Camber Adjustment


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Not to wake a sleeping dog......but.

What alignment settings are folks using?

The 350R is coming with Ford caster camber plates. Dealer will be installing. Just need the specs.
You'll probably get lots of advice, but the actual answer is "it depends". If you're going to run the extremely stiff OEM CF rims, then you'll need less camber than you'll need if you throw on a set of lightweight alloy rims. If you're going CF, then start around the settings that Ford puts in the owner's supplement (6.92* front caster, -1.75*F/-1.25*R camber, 0.06*F/0.3* toe-in) and tune from there based on tire temps.

Note that the MPSC2's have different tread rubber on the inside and the outside - the outside wears faster, even when the setup is perfect.
I think it's safe to say that you'll need more camber, but I don't know how much. I'm sure someone on this forum knows and will chime in. Congratulations on the new car, by the way!

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