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GT350 reliability discussion

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3-5 Years
I consider my track use occasional (2-3 track weekends a year) other than track days and an occasional weekend drive it rarely leaves the garage. I haven't had any mechanical issues but, I am concerned about the longevity as my track weekends increase. I have considered a 5.2 CPC engine when the time comes or even lucking up a finding FP350s at a price point makes it advantageous to sell my car to obtain one.
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I was surprised to find that according to the article EVERY Porsche 991 had their engines recalled, makes any of our problems sound like no big deal. They also discuss the 3 generations of the gt350 engine

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A fellow track mate from our series has a 991 gt3 and he is on his third engine after running the car for less then two years. lucky for him they have all been replaced by Porsche free of charge. The GT3's got a super extended transferable warranty.
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...They also discuss the 3 generations of the gt350 engine
And, in one fell swoop, they vaporize any credibility they may have had when they started. The Voodoo is swarming with running changes that FP made month by month over it's production life. There is virtually nothing in the 2020 engine that's the same as the 2015/16 engine - maybe a few bolts, but that's pretty much it. Different block, different heads, different pistons, different rings, valves, you name it. The "three generation" story is a myth made up by people that desperately want to believe that the newest engines are the best. They're all excellent, right from the start, and Ford was right there for the small number of folks who got a bad one.

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