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    OK party people, I have limited production ready parts nearly completed. Fitment is sure to be correct, but I need an actual GT350 to test this out. I need to understand what NVH this introduces to be able to relay that to potential customers. I have the trans, but its behind a crossplane crank...totally different animal.

    There is one caveat with installing this kit that I just cant get around. The rearward NVH damper either needs to be modified or omitted. I have redesigned the lower bracket such that the damper could be put back in place, but there are 2 triangular peaks on it that interfere and need to be ground down. Working around them would have made the lower bracket too costly and i don't expect to sell a lot of these, so the simpler the better.

    I would like to first find out if the rear damper can be removed without NVH concerns...or much. Then, if it is a concern, getting the damper put back on after modifying it to see if the modification effects it. Then, finding out if the modified damper effects NVH with the factory shifter arrangement.

    There are some testing requirements as well as some ability to modify metal with various tools. The ideal candidate needs to be willing and able to do this...or be close enough to my shop to bring it in and have me do this. In return, you get the very first shifter support kit for free if you are satisfied with it or a new, unmolested damper to return it to stock. Let me know if you are interested!

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