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GT500 Base OEM Wheel Weights


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Here is some quick data on the wheel weights I got from the GT500 I spent some time with. The OEM wheel weights are more than even I had expected. 36/35 lbs front to rear. I will explain the variables and then you can digest the data or do more calculations. My scale is pretty accurate, but of course leave some room for variation.

GT500 base wheels and the signature wheel weights are both a fully mounted and balanced setup. Signature wheels both have roughly 2000 miles on them, so close to new. Tire weights were pulled from Michelin. Subtracting the fully mounted weight from the tire weight gives you the weight of the wheel by itself.

Offsets will affect weight, and the signature wheels used are based on the GT350R, but within 10-12 mm of the GT500 offsets. I would put them within .50 - 1 lb of the GT500 spec wheel built in the same design.

Weights on the Track Series SV502 were provided by a customer that we built wheels for matching the OEM GT500 CFTP wheel sizing/offsets.

Base GT500 Wheel
20x11 305/30/20 - 66.74 lbs (full setup)
20x11 315/30/20 - 65.94 lbs (full setup)

305/30/20 Pilot 4S - 30.51 lbs (tire only)
315/30/20 Pilot 4S - 30.51 lbs (tire only)

20x11 front wheel - 36 lbs (wheel only)
20x11 rear wheel - 35 lbs (wheel only)

Signature Wheel SV801
SV801 20x11 295/30/20 - 53.30lbs (full setup)
SV801 20x11.5 305/30/20 - 54.06lbs (full setup)

295/30/20 Pilot 4S - 29.67 lbs (tire only)
305/30/20 Pilot 4S - 30.51 lbs (tire only)

SV801 20x11 front - 23.63 lbs (wheel only)
SV801 20x11.5 rear - 23.55 lbs (wheel only)

Signature Wheel SV704
SV704 20x11.5 325/25/20 - 57.70 lbs (full setup)
SV704 20x11.5 325/25/20 - 55.12 lbs (full setup)

325/25/20 Pilot 4S - 30.2 lbs (tire only)

SV704 20x11.5 front - 27.5 lbs (wheel only)
SV704 20x11.5 rear - 24.92 lbs (wheel only)

Signature Wheel Track Series SV502
20x11 CFTP offsets - 23lbs (wheel only)
20x11.5 CFTP offsets - 23lbs (wheel only)

Conclusion: The base GT500 wheels are freaking heavy. If you get rolling with a set from us we can drop 40-50 lbs of rotating mass depending on the wheel design and spec we build for you.



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Wow. A different set of front wheels and CCB rotors and you take (drum roll please) 12 + 23 = 35 pounds off each side at the front. Cosmic.

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