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guess i'm going to use motorcraft oil

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went to the Mobil one website............I was surprisd with the reccomendation:

Current Vehicle:
Year: 2012
Make: Ford
Model: Mustang
Engine Type: 8cyl. 5.0Liter Naturally Aspirated
Special Requirement; No Product in US
No products available in the US meeting requirements for this make/model.
This web site is updated monthly. Always consult your vehicle manufacturer's manual for information specific to your automobile.

and the Amsoil site:

LUBRICANTS & FLUIDS: Lookup Another Vehicle

Engine Oil
Grade 1......SN[1] No AMSOIL Product Recommendation
All TEMPS......5W-50
Manual Transmission,MT82 (6-SPD)......SLF [2]
All TEMPS......
No AMSOIL Product Recommendation
Limited Slip Differential, Rear W/ 8.8 RG......GL-5*
All TEMPS......75W-140 [3] [4]
SEVERE GEAR 75W-140 Synthetic EP Lubricant (SVOQT)
80W-140 Synthetic Long Life Gear Lube (FGO05)
Clutch Fluid......HB
AMSOIL Brake Fluid DOT-3 (BF3SN)
Brake Fluid......HB
AMSOIL Brake Fluid DOT-3 (BF3SN)
Clutch Fluid......

[1] Motor oil meeting Ford specification WSS-M2C931-B.
[2] Motorcraft Full Synthetic Manual Transmission Fluid
Part No. XT-M5-QS
[3] Synthetic oil is required.
[4] Traction-Lok axles add 4 oz of friction modifier P/N
C3AZ-19B546-A or equivalent meeting Ford spec EST-M2C118-A
For Amsoil you will have to use 10-40. I dont know about Mobil One but Redline makes a 5w-50 that's API certified so you would never have to worry about warranty (hopefully). I use Amsoil, my friend uses Redline. I would recommend either.


There has already been reports of problems using the wrong weights, the timing chains tensioners are reacting to the different consistencies. If Amsoil is afraid to reccomend their own product then surely I'm not using it.
Redline wholeheartedly recommended their 5w50 to me via the phone, as have many, many racers and motor builders and tuners. If you are looking for an alternative, there ya go. It's a true base class V synthetic, too ;)
Oh and BTW, I did have some info for you in the Mobil1 story there. Mobil1 doesn't fully meet Ford's spec due the the amount of phosphorus in their additive pack. Over time, Ford concluded with testing that limited amounts of phosphorus (among other additives) could prematurely reduce the effectiveness of the catalytic converters that Ford typically uses. Therefore, Ford created this spec to satisfy potential warranty and/or emissions issues surrounding the cats that might result long-term from use of certain additives.

There was nothing about the oil that would do anything at all to harm your motor. So at least for Mobil1, it comes down to whether or not you care about the factory cats, and if you have done the research on the advantages on using Mobil 1 in your motor. I cannot speak to the others, but personally, Mobil 1 does much better in lab analysis than Motorcraft, and if I had to choose between them, it would be Mobil1 every time. That's like asking me to choose between extra protection for my motor vs. extra protection for my cats. My motor wins this one.


the true answer is protect both...............motorcraft.
Jeez no way I am getting sucked into another one of these...suffice it to say that there are better oils out there, for those who wish to look. Motorcraft (which is really Conoco) rates kind of mid-pack, but I am sure you will be fine as long as you change regularly and often. Hell, anything will be more or less alright if you do that.


I wasn't trying to say anyone was wrong or right............the only point was I was surprised amsoil and mobil one didnt have a choice they were standing behind............
I wasn't trying to say anyone was wrong or right............the only point was I was surprised amsoil and mobil one didnt have a choice they were standing behind............
That's how I understood it.
Well, they can't, can they? They don't technically meet Ford B-spec. Mobil1 in fact exceeds B-spec, as does Redline. Amsoil engineers stated some time ago that they considered B-spec to be dramatically inferior to most top-tier oil additive packs, and that the B-spec requirement was merely a sop to CAFE standards. They said they have not and never would downgrade their oil to meet that spec.

Most times really, your manufacturer has different goals for your car than you might ;). As always, YMMV.
5 DOT 0 said:
Guys my comment in post #9 was my way of saying keep this on topic and not worry about agreeing with everyone. This is a discussion on motor oil and no one ever agrees. ;) Use what makes you happy.

This is always a tough discussion and there are thousands of threads on many sites with very different points of view. Wish I knew more about it but reading Bobs-the-oil-guy makes my head spin :eek: so for now I stick with Motorcraft cause you can't go wrong on the warranty aspect. When I get the chance I also use Mobil One, used it for years in other Fords and I have never replaced a motor. This is not the first time I'm hearing that Mobil One exceeds the B spec.
I looked into Mobil 1 as it has never done me wrong, used it in a oil cooled turbo car that I tracked quite a bit and when I sold that car the motor was perfect (had it pretty thoroughly inspected, as I hate cheating people). But since they reformulated years ago, the old true full synthetic is the one labeled Extended Performance now and the regular one now uses a cracked organic base (unless it has changed again in the last couple years). There is no 5w50 in the EP version so I am avoiding it for now in the Boss. This car seems pretty hard on oil.
That's right around what I spend on my Redline oil changes. I agree with the idea that you shouldn't skimp when it comes to a $12k motor, yes indeed.

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