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Guys can you listen to this video!

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The guys on the racing forum have been giving this problem some input and i thought we had fixed it but we haven't

This is a video from a trackday on sunday, if you could all help by listening to the engine when it reaches high revs you can hear a distinct noise, if you forward it to 3.20 in comes on down the main straight, you'll need your speakers up quite load to hear it.

Im not sure what it is, something is vibrating, i thought it was the alli heat shields under the passenger foot well but im not sure what it is, the good thing is, its not affecting the cars performance so its not disastrous
Maybe exhaust hanger is loose or something? You didn't hear it at until that main straight, maybe a hint of it, but nothing like that Straight about 3.46 or so... If it only happens at High RPM Shifts, it something vibrating against something... Can't tell were from, but it sounds like its loose exhaust to me...
Ive pushed and tried to move the exhaust underneath, its all solid, when you tap the alli heat shields with your finger its sounds like it might be that so we gave them a push also but it still happens
I've been having a similar noise going down the highway around 80 MPH. I have been looking in the fender well liner as it seems to have a lot of play in it. Have not been able to stop it but have had it change speed it used to be around 60 which was annoying. Dealer has not been able to isolate it to any other area in their check of the car.
Try taking the Heat Shields out... I did that on my V6 when it was rattling and it took care of it... They are easy enough to put back in if that doesn't solve the issue...

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