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Happy Birthday BMO!

It was five years ago today that BMO was launched. The goal from the beginning was to provide a quality experience for Boss 302 owners. Hopefully we've accomplished that goal. Cloud9, PeteinCT, Grant302, ArizonaBoss and I would like to thank all members for their support. We hope to continue the experience for the GT350 and all of Ford's track focused Mustangs for many years to come.

Thanks, Rick
WOW! Happy Birthday BMO!
Yes, thank you Rick and all members for making this place what it is today 8)
Wish even more success in the future!


One of the rare Boss LS in Switzerland
Happy Birthday BMO!!

Thank you all for this very useful Forum and make the Place where all Mustangs are Boss!!

Happy birthday BMO. When I was thinking about getting a Boss (to fulfill my boy hood dream of owning a 1970 Boss) my research lead me here and convinced me to get one. Don't think it is going to take much convincing on a GT350. Just have to wait another year or so, I not selling my Boss. Ever.
Bay Area
Why HAPPY BIRTHDAY BMO!!! I like RR2334 always wanted a 70 GB Boss and bough my 13 on an impulse. Glad the dealer never called me back on the 12 LS, since I like the 13 boss much more. After I bought my Boss I found another forum and it was ok and after doing more research I found this place. IMO opinion this is the best Mustang forum and my favorite place to frequent in cyber space. (its my car porn site) :p

Thanks to the MODS for their effort and to all of you for your advice, suggestions, and most of all you racers for doing all the upgrades with trial and error. Oh and all the good stuff in the classified sections. I toast my drink to you.. CHEERS!!
A hearty HERE HERE to all of the preceding comments on what is truly a phenomenal website!! Congrats, Rick and team. Here's to many, many more!!



+1 to all the other comments.
Rick, the moderators, and all the members help us learn about and enjoy our great cars.
Happy Birthday BMO!

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