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Happy 50th birthday Mustang. Let's party!
Thats because she had alittle nip and tuck here and there through out her life. Thank god she stayed away from the Botox. The Camaro went for the Botox route and she looks Bloated.
Happy Birthday
Mustang Sally
Happy birthday its hard to remember all of my girls but here's I go 64.5, 67, 70 mach 1, 74, 82 gt, 83lx, 87gt, 98cobra vert, 05vert, 12boss is I still have the 98 cobra and the 12 is


the Mustangs in my life.... so far...
parents got a 67 C-code when I was born in August 1966
rode the "hump" growing up... it was first mustang I ever drove... I was 12...long gone
older sister got a red 71fastback in college... gone
dad ordered a 1979 Indy Pacecar... full graphics... 302 4 speed...
it was very cool getting dropped off at school in that... first recaros... currently in garage of a friend
mom got a 1989 LX5.0 auto... dad put rally stripes on it... started racing when it had 900 miles on it... went to watch drag took it... gone and trashed
I bought my first... 1990 GT... black... put over 120K... sold to friend to put Boss in garage
dad got a 1994 gt 5.0... other brother... gone
I got a C-code 1967 fastback... modified it for track... sits next to Boss
I was distracted by Sexy Red Italian Ford... 1972 Pantera... traded for truck...not really missed
refocused.... and got the Boss...

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