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Happy Saturday

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Hi. I'm new to this forum (or any Mustang forum really). I have lurked around for years reading a few forums here and there, I've had a Kona blue 2012 GT with the Brembo brake package, and an '07 GT before that.

When I was in the process of buying my 2012 a few years ago, a local dealer had just recently gotten a 2012 Competition Orange Boss 302 with the Recaros and Torsen differential. I knew all about them, I had been reading online for months prior to upgrading to the new Coyote, but seeing a Boss on a lot, available (with no markup!) was a bit of a shock. They mentioned they had some other folks interested, but since I somehow was the first to ask about it, they offered to hold it for me for a few days while I thought about it. It didn't feel real, like someone was trying to play a trick on me. I thought about it long and hard, running numbers through my head endlessly for about three days, but I regretfully decided to pass on the opportunity. It did not really make financial sense at the time, and I felt like I was making a more practical choice with the GT which I could haggle on much more effectively.

I found the perfect GT with all the options I wanted, and she was a beautiful car. The upgrade to the 5.0 from the 4.6 was exactly what I wanted, and the suspension in the Brembo car was nice and stiff and responsive. But every day I drove it I thought.. I wish these were Recaros... I wish this had side pipes roaring in my ears... I wonder what the TracKey feels like. It was a wonderful car, and I have absolutely no regrets about driving it every day for almost two years now.

A few weeks ago though, I got an itch I could not scratch. I started looking around online at local dealer inventories for Boss 302's in the area. It's ridiculous, I told myself. I have 90% of the car I wanted, I am happy, and she is beautiful. But... I found a Boss 302.. Race Red, 110 miles away. Two weeks ago I got a healthy raise at work. Next week is my birthday. Maybe I'll just go look? They'll want some horrendous dealer markup, or they'll gouge me on the trade, and I'll have seen a '13 Boss in the flesh and walk away glad about my pretty Kona GT and have a good weekend adventure in the books.

I went down to take a look last Monday. They tried to show me '14s, I was not even remotely interested. They tried to show me GT500s. I told them I was just there for the Boss. And so we talked.. and to my surprise they dealt me fair. Somehow, looking into buying the car I have always wanted did not seem so ridiculous... One thing led to another, papers were signed, keys were handed over, and I...I somehow now own a Boss 302. On one condition. That they hold onto it and let me take delivery on my birthday. Saturday, April 13th.

This has been one of the longest weeks of my life. I can't recall being so excited for a birthday in years and years and years. I did not sleep last night and I am not sure I will tonight. Tomorrow I pick up my Boss 302, and drive it 100 miles up the California coast on my birthday.

I honestly can't wait.
happy birthday and congratulations on the Boss 302 purchase. I have never been told congratulations before buying this car. It's been in the past, nice car or something along those lines, but with a Boss 302 it's congratulations as in some type of milestone or accomplishment.
I look forward to hearing your story of picking it up and driving it home.
Many happy and safe miles.
Best. Birthday. Present. Ever. Happy Birthday and enjoy the ride home! I'll be a long one, I'm sure. ;)

Ask your dealer if they'll throw in the Trackey activation voucher for free. TK: the other must-do "mod."
Happy birthday, congratulations on your best birthday present ever and welcome to BMO! Be sure and post photos of your new Boss when you can. Here's a link that shows you how to post photos.


Performance Fords
HEY! I got mine on my birthday too!! Who said that kids have all the FUN?!

Oh yeah, best present I have EVER gotten!

Happy Birthday! Enjoyed reading your story, I'll admit that I had never joined a forum untill I purchased My Boss...and this site is very addictive, you will want to check up on it daily!

Picked mine up at 50, so tell us your age, there is a unline summary for your age.

Enjoy your new Boss

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