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Has anyone seen this--Ford GT350 Law Suit


Jockin' GT350's
How many people really hit limp mode on the street?

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If you read the links provided, first few posts, it's clear the issue happened on track. At least that is the point made in the law suite

I've read of approximately 6 different owners hitting limp mode during street driving. I have spoke to two California GT350 owners personally that have experienced it. The cases range from spirited canyon runs, freeway driving, congested traffic, and climbing a grade on a normal road.

Say what you will about the lawsuit. There is more to this than what is listed in what has been published so far, and will likely be amended as more owners come forward. You can say that it is the wrong tactic to handle the problem, and you may be right. But that does not detract from the actual issue of improper cooling.

The tech packages have been shown to be inadequately cooled on the street. That should not be acceptable to any GT350 owner, regardless of what package you own.
Bay Area
Kind of off topic but my Boss went into limp mode when it was new. All I did was disconnected the battery and drove it like a bat out of hell. End result, no limp mode after that.

Guys drive your cars and enjoy them if your limp mode is persistent then complain and post but till then. Please get out and drive
I have hit it on the street. Mid 80 degree day, stop and go traffic, one passenger and going up Cajon Pass on the 15 Freeway in Southern California. Been close other times on the street as evidenced by my Forscan enabled trans temp gauge.

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