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Having a bad day?

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GotCurvz said:
Thanks!!! I needed that. I had some guy back into my Boss last week and I'm still bummed about it.

Yeah I fear that well until I realized this car is not going on a shelf to sit and some day make a buck off of it instead dont worrie so much and drive it put a ton of miles and make it a car worth buying so cheer up and get it fixed and never look back youll just see some damn camaro back there ;D
Thanks guys! Honestly it's not too bad. He just barely backed into the front driver's corner but he was driving an Expedition so his bumper went over mine and he stopped right at the headlight / fender. The bumper cover will need to be repainted but I'm hoping the paint from his bumper and light scratches will buff off the corner of my hood and front fender around the headlight. Luckily no dents but the front fender where it meets the bumper cover is pushed slightly towards the headlight about 1/8". The thing the really sucks is I had just got my new wheels/tires, world challenge front splitter and the brake cooling duct kit on just before this happened. Just in time for the CA-Fords car show and drag races this Saturday. Oh well I'm going anyway. I'll just throw a couple of bandaids on the scratches. Lol

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