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Having some weird issues

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Im getting a grinding noise while the car is in neutral. Its a weird noise like something is just not right. The noise is audible from 900-1200 rpm in neutral. Its so weird. I'm also having trouble getting into second year. It almost feels like im hitting a wall sometimes. It happens a couple times every time I drive the car. I am using an MGW shifter, and have tried adjusting the pin a bunch of times. I turned the pin full towards the passenger side and then turned it out a 3/4 turn. I just dont understand the noise at neutral? I was running a Bama tune for a bit, but have instead chosen to go back to a stock tune. I have an Airaid CAI, and put the reducer baffle back in when going back to the stock tune. I still have my O/R headers and x-pipe, but I cant get my head around the noise having to do something with them.

Let me know what you guys think.
Sounds like a question for click and clack...

Any chance you can describe the noise a little better...

Is the grinding noise similar to a missed shift or is it more like a blender???

Is it pretty much constant b/w 900-1200rpm???

At first, I was thinking clutch chatter...

However, I also seem to recall some folks having issues with flywheel bolts...

Can you stump the BMO chumps???
VTBoss302, definitely not a grinding noise like a missed gear, now that i heard it again this morning, it sounds more like a loud vibration or chatter. And it happens every 10 seconds when in neutral. Its definitely a metallic sound. I wish I could give a better description.

Other Issues:

- Shifting has gone from bad to worse and I have never had this much trouble getting in a smooth shift
- I get grinding sometimes when going between gears, up and down shift
- 1st gear is tough from dig, almost feels like I am learning to drive manual all over again
- When switching into neutral, it almost feels like the engine is going to stall as I slow down, rpms drop below 700ish (previously I thought this was related to Bama's tune, thinking they had the idle rpm set too low, but its actually worse on the stock tune)
- When sitting still in neutral and giving it a little gas (1200 rpm max), I heard the noise transmit from front to back. I know nothing is moving in the rear of the car, but I think the 1-piece driveshaft is helping the noise get to the rear (doube the exhaust has anything to do with it)

I know I need to take it in, but I just want some opinions so I dont get f&$%##d by the dealer's bull shiznit.

YellowBoss - what kinda stuff did you notice when your throw out bearing was going?
The noise you are getting sounds like a throwout going bad but I have not had one go bad. I did have a slave cylinder go out by leaking and a throwout that came apart from the slave and it did what you state as the first two problems in the above post. It felt to me like I was only pushing the clutch pedal in 25% of the way.


Sorry I don't have any helpful info to add. Have you had your car to the dealer since you had installed the tune, shifter and drive shaft? If so do you still expect them to cover your drive line under warranty anymore?
Im not sure what they will cover. Its on stock tune now, and I dont know what they will say about the d/s and shifter. My only hope is to ask them to prove how those things caused the problems. Other then that, im not sure what they'll say.
I wouldn't stress too much over a little bit of chatter...

Keep an eye on when your warranty expires (not sure if it's still intact with the tune)...


Did you buy your Boss from a local dealer???

Neither Ford nor Uncle Sam pay me to play...


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Thank you for bringing back the Boss !!!

40 years in the making...

The legend has risen from the ashes...
Bad pilot bearing maybe, or bad input shaft bearing or cluster shaft bearing. I haven't been inside an MT-82 yet so not sure on their bearing layout.
Both possible causes. Though the Pilot bearing would make the clutch release poorly so you would get drag when you try to go from neutral to any gear when you aren't moving.
Anyone know what effect an emissions CEL has on engine operation? Iv had a P0155 for a week or two and its the 02 heater circuit. Are there any alternatives to the O2 sensor extensions? Shaun from AED said to use the raptor sensor cables since they are longer. Anyone tried this? For anyone running LTs, how do you deal with the CEL?
The noise you are getting sounds like a throwout going bad but I have not had one go bad. I did have a slave cylinder go out by leaking and a throwout that came apart from the slave and it did what you state as the first two problems in the above post. It felt to me like I was only pushing the clutch pedal in 25% of the way.

I have had throw out bearings go bad [more than once] on cars with mechanical clutches, but sound should be the same. In my case the noise would go away when the clutch was engaged [pedal released]. I would suggest you check with the car stopped at idle pressing the pedal down and releasing. If the noise comes on as the pedal is depressed and goes away when the pedal is released, then it would be behaving like a bad throw out bearing.

Good luck.
I dont think its the throw-out bearing because I dont get the noise with the clutch pedal pressed. What other bearings are working when the engine is in neutral? The sound is like little rocks grinding when im around 1200-1800 rpm. Ford isnt doing anything yet because the sound wasn't audible when I took it in. Full day wasted once again at the dealer.

I bit off more than I can chew right now. The LTs are throwing a CEL which I have to figure out how to fix. I drive the car every day and with a P0155 Electric Htr Circuit B2S1 emissions CEL, I think I might be running lean. However my A/F is pretty much between 13.5-14.5 all the time. I heard the shelby guys were having the same problem with O2 extensions and some dumped the extensions and re-routed the harness which is supposedly long enough to reach the front O2s. I am going to try this tonight.

I wish I could get engine trouble out of my head. The noises are scary, and I know the engine has some big bearings inside. But I guess that problem would be more audible since the engine is running at such a high rpm all the time?
Another thought is that you may have had a spring dislodge from your pressure plate and it may be floating around, making noise and sometimes preventing you from fully disengaging the clutch. I think at least one other person on this forum has had that happen to them. Perhaps they can comment on what they heard or experienced.

Since you're reporting issues with shifting, I would suspect something in the clutch area before getting into the engine. I've spun more than my share of rod bearings and that sound is very easy to diagnose. You will hear a low frequency knocking sound. Initially it will be noticable at mid to low RPM as you lift off the throttle [i.e. when the engine RPM is decreasing, not noticable when engine RPM is increasing]. Eventually the sound will be noticable when engine RPM is increasing to be followed soon after by the big POW when the rod decides it no longer wants to reside within your crankcase.

Good luck, sorry you're having these other engine code issues. Hopefully get these fixed up soon and back to driving your boss.
Okay so the noise is definitely coming from the rear of the car, not the front like I first thought. I guess getting into gear and the transmission was just a scapegoat for the problem. I have American Racing Headers, Boss X-Pipe, JPC Overaxles, and Borla S-Type 13' GT500s. No idea whats going on. Im gonna get under the car tonight to check, but I dont know what im looking for.
I would recommend rechecking all the exhaust connections...

Probably a long shot, but I had a barely audible vibe that simply ended up being a loose exhaust clamp..

Best of luck.


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Check the exhaust fully but most importantly and the seals/bearings into your rear diff. WHen you go into neutral and are coasting and the rear tires spin the drive shaft the torque source on them reverses. Anything loose back there can start to make funny noises. My son's M3 has this exact problem now...


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