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Hellion Twin Turbo pricing

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I have received many emails lately asking about the pricing for the 2011+ GT Twin turbo pricing.

For just the tuner kit, it cost $7495.00 plus shipping

We have put together a package that we know works great and many of seen on here with some of the cars we have done. This kit includes:

Hellion Twin Turbo kit: 62mm precision turbos w/ billet wheel & 40mm Turbosmart Wastegates
80lb Injectors
Vortech BAP
SF3 Tuner
BBR custom tune (91+ octane)

This kit cost$ 8579.99 - $50.0 flat rate shipping


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
Thanks for the post :)

Is engine removal required or just easier to flip the manifolds?

Also I have those Motor mounts in a box that I bought for my 06 GT a long time ago that I never used. Do they work on the bosses?


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
The motor does NOT need to come out. We built that engine for a 2011 GT.

The motor mounts will work just fine too
Cool thanks. Follow on question did you take it out from the top or the bottom? I have the tools to do it out from the top.....just curious.
I have a question. I have a coworker that I knew did turbo's for the last 10 or more years and the first thing he asked me was are they running a water and oil cooled turbo? He told me that the setups in his cars have water cooled turbos and oil cooled except that his oil cooled run through a oil cooler with their own resivoir with pump meaning he does not hook it up to the engine oil at all? Is this how your setup is?
These are oil cooled turbos by feed lines to the oil pan. No need for a oil cooler. The stock one on the boss's arn't that effeciate either from what we have senn. Not to mention it only cost 75 bucks new from ford. More effeciate and I trust them a lot more. People who know Precision know its one of the best names out their. The technology that has come out in the last couple years has changed the game.

Most of the times you only see water cooled on Comp Turbos or stock european cars.
The reason I asked is I keep reading of guy's stating their oil temps pretty high and adding this to it sounds like a problem to be without some type of serious cooling device.
isnt that what a turbo timer is for? thats not a new issue. been around for a long time.
idle the car for 2-3 minutes and then shut her off so you do not cook the oil in the turbo. even the buick regals years ago would do that if you where not carefull
I was more of thinking that it may overheat the engine durring use? I understand that turbo's, superchargers and even centrifical charger add alot of heat but the turbo gets the oil that the engine is using and these cars use 5-50 it seems to me that is not a good setup?

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