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Help me pick my suspension....

Hey guys and gals,
Know their are a lot of topics on here about suspensions and have been going nuts reading all of them lol. Lots of info. I have a '12 Boss and looking to upgrade my suspension. Looking for something pretty aggressive. I've been looking at Griggs, Steeda, MM...etc.

Thinking coil overs might be the best bet? Looking at the KWv3s as well. Also looking into the watts link. Which is best? Steeda, Fays2 or Whiteline?

Steeda is about an hour from me so I dunno if I would benifit getting one of their packages and letting them set it up?
Thanks for your time!


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kw v3 on the 2 pictures:


Want her to handle like she's "on rails". Yes she's my daily and will be tracked when time permits. I understand a lot of people worry about NVH while daily driving but really doesn't bother me as long as she handles. Have a few friends with Porsches and a Ferrari and wanna show them what a real American car can do. Lol
I was told maybe go with the 302s set up? Thanks

Grant 302

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Have you considered CorteX?

302S or the CorteX Spec Iron stuff should work for you.

Since you're not worried about NVH, the sky and your wallet are the only limits!


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Arizona, USA
Tucson302 said:
Don't mean to hijack the thread, but whats the difference between the regular boss and the LS boss suspension?

Spring rates and rear bar diameter; not certain if the dampers are valved differently.

Please see about 1/2 way down the page.
Whatever direction you go, would highly recommend an "engineered" solution vice a hodge podge of parts. Kenny Brown, Maximum Motorsports, Griggs, CorteX, Vorshlag, Chicane23, and others have done the research and can offer recommendations based on their development efforts and experience. The hodge podge solution will net a bunch of mis-matched parts and an ill-handling car. I have the KB AGS-4 on my Boss and am quite satisfied.

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Brave man asking for advice. So many good choices. Really does come down to what do you want to spend. Set a budget and then shop. I like Vorshlag, give them a call after you talk to Cortex. Check out their web site and the forums they have. Here is their new shock page.
Good luck with your set up.

Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
ArizonaBOSS said:
Vorshlag has so much research and testing done on dual-purpose street/track applications; it would be a mistake not to talk to those guys.

So true. If the OP wants to read up on one of their project cars here's a link for when you have some time...
Tucson302 said:
Don't mean to hijack the thread, but whats the difference between the regular boss and the LS boss suspension?
The LS pkg does not make any difference IMO
If you're on the street the regular and the LS need springs anyway...
If you're on the track you're going to change a lot anyway...
And the so called "track ready" LS did not get the good tranny or the good clutch either...
Not talking about engine harness etc...
Thanks guys for all the info! Looked at CorteX's website and looks promising. Like how they have the whole system as like someone stated it's better than piecing it together. I would like a one stop shop lol. Also like how their system is set up to run 18x10.5 wheels with 315s all around. Browsed at Vorshlag, gotta do some more reading and read that whole article hehehe. Thanks for the link.
Gonna swing by Steeda since I'm close to them and see what they have to offer. Thanks again!

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