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Help! Where can I find Michelin Pilot Super Sports?

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Hi All!

From reading the boards I decided to replace the stock Pirellis with Michelin Pilot Super Sports.

Unfortunately, I can't find a pair for the rears (285/35/19). TireRack - back ordered until October. Local dealers - I've called a bunch up here in Canada, and they're all saying the same thing: they've got the fronts in stock, but the rears are gone.

Does anyone have a line on a pair of these? Is there a pair sitting on a dealer's floor somewhere?

And if not, what's the next best (or maybe in your opinion, better) alternative to the Pilot Super Sports?

I rarely drive the car other than track days and maybe a Sunday outing. Home course is tight and technical. Would like a bit more grip than the stock Pirellis (what driver doesn't want more grip?) although I've generally been pleased with their performance.

Any advice would be much appreciated.
I ran into the same issue a few weeks ago. I went with the Super Sports in these sizes:

Front: 275/35/19 on a 9" wide rim
Rear: 295/35/19 on a 10" wide rim

Unless you have an LS, the OEM rear rim in 9.5" wide. You really should have at least a 10" rim for a 295 series tire.
Thanks - interesting idea going to wider rear wheels, although that starts to get expensive adding wheels to the equation.

As the Michelin Pilot Super Sports aren't available, it seems like the next best alternatives are the Bridgestone Potenza S-04 Pole Position , or the Michelin PS2s. (Hankook and Yokohama's being potential dark horses in this race.)

Can anyone comment on the differences between the two? (I'm looking for just a bit more grip to help shave 0.6 second off a lap versus the car on the P Zeros now.)
I run the PSS on 302S (LS) wheels in 265/35/19 and 295/30/19 but haven't had them on a track. On the street there's no doubt they have more grip than the stock Pirelli's. The Yokohama AD08 is an excellent choice for just track tires and from reviews have better track performance but the PSS should be a lot better in the rain. I suspect living in Canada rain will be a consideration. The Yokohama's aren't available in 285/35/19 and also appear to be changing models as Tire Rack has them on closeout and limited sizes.

Others have reported the S-04 as better than stock so that might be a solid option. I think any you are considering will get you your improved lap times over the stock Pirelli's.
I live in SoCal. Ordered the stock size PSS from a local tire shop and had them on my car the next day. They did not mention any supply issues.

Love them on the street so far, California Speedway next weekend.
Great! What's the name of your dealer? TireRack and everyone else have them backordered. Sounds like your dealer had them in stock. Maybe they've got another set.

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