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Hemi Headed Spark Plugs

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Performance Fords
Is anyone using something other than the standard plug in these motors? E3, Bosch Platinum +4? Anything else?

Reason that I ask is that in my 1995 car, even the platinum plugs didn't work as well as the plain old Autolites. Matter of fact, that old pushrod engine hated anything but the standard plugs and it would buck and bolt under low RPM loads with anything but the standard Autolite plugs even with a hotter coil.

Would the hemi headed boss benefit from an unshrouded spark kernel that these newer plugs offer? The one thing that I did do in my old pushrod V8 was to clock the plugs to open up the gap towards the pistons. Since they now make plugs that have different ground electrode configurations, it makes me wonder as it approaches time to change these out. What are you folks considering or have experience with?

there are of course small truicks like cutting back the electrode that can be done. the usual results are small yet they are there. small enough that unless your a team in a serious race for every last ounce of efficiency that it prolly is not worth the effort of time.


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