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Hey Guys

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Hey guys,

I bought some license plate LEDs from V-LEDs. They came in today and I replaced my originals. When I was done, I turned on the car and noticed my rear lights are out! They dont work until unless I press the brakes or signal. Its as if I have them manually turned off. If I remember correctly, when you turn on the car at night, the rears turn on. Also, when you are one left click from the "Automatic" setting for the lights, the rears are on. Mine wont turn on....Any ideas?


EDIT: I went back 15 mins later, and the rear's are now on when the car is running. I went back to my stock lights before closing up so I guess I am back to normal now. I dont know what is going on. Also, I was hoping someone could check what happens when they exit the car and press lock. I know the fronts have like a 10 second delay before they turn off, but how about the rears? Do they turn off instantly? Or do they also have a 10 second delay? Right now, mine turn off right away. And for some odd reason, I remember them having some kind of delay from the 100 times I have locked up and closed my garage.
If I am correct you would need a 2 way light bulb for it to work. i'm not to sure how led's work. I know old school.
Sounds like your reverse biasing your tail lights. Current will only travel in one direction with LED's not like a regular filament lights which can be hooked up with out regards to +/-. In other words you need hook your lights in parallel to the standing lights, I don't know the particulars of your set up. Make sure the +/- is correct otherwise it's going to look like short to the rest of the system and kill everything on that circuit.
Ill give it a try, I guess I will try 1 LED at a time to see what happens. Its just hard to figure out the right polarity, because there are not markings. Trial and error I guess. I am very concerned about my lights though. I dont know if its just me noticing things or if something actually happened, but my day time running lights are really playing games. I need to dig into Ford's stock information to see when certain lights are supposed to be one and when they are supposed to be off. Just to confirm, are the taillights and license plate lights supposed to be one during the day?
I'd use a volt meter and ohm it out. You should read some kind of resistance one way and not the other. If you don't have a meter, then ground one side and briefly touch other to the plus term on the battery, mark the wire that lights it up as plus with a sharpie.
Well I decided to take a look at the parking lights fuse, and it was blown. So I temporarily replaced it with the "fog lights"
fuse and everything is good now. But my fog lights also work. That had me worried until I tried to high beam a truck, telling him I was giving him room to merge. Didnt understand why he wouldnt merge, until i noticed there was no change in light level...haha. Thought everyone should know.

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