High oil temp (overheating at track)

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    Grille set-up that was an inexpensive option (a bit more expensive than the alternative of removing completely).
    - Billet grille from AAM P/N 41124 ~$54 https://www.americanmuscle.com/black-retro-grille-2010.html and bought
    - New aftermarket surround from Rockauto ~$47 p/n FO1210105/#AR3Z8419AA https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/ford,2012,mustang,5.0l+v8,1501235,body,grille+molding,11444
    - Need to drill a couple holes in the surround for mounting, but easy. As noted earlier, remember to protect the bumper when removing
    - The original
    fog lamp/grille assemble is in stored in the garage as one set
    Sandwich plate, if yours is the setrab sandwich plate it seals with a Dowty Sealing Washer not an o-ring. They are only ~$1/each and need to be ordered separate if Cooltech did not include when they sent the fittings. The fittings on a Setrab cooler use an o-ring.

    Temperature sensor, the easy option is to have in the plate, but since the setrab didn't have a port or an great area in the casting with much meat, the swivel adapter identified above was used and is working. Unfortunately another couple of joints to keep an eye on. Even with a thermostat there is some flow thru the cooler so this worked well for my set-up.

    Gages, the one I used was pricey and overkill, but wanted a peak capture and idiot light that could be set. https://www.autometer.com/2-1-16-oil-temp-100-340-f-fse-w-peak-warn.html For mounting I also used the rousch vent mount set-up in the left vent. The location is slightly blocked, but is easy to see the top of the gage.
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    I put the cooltech oil cooler on today.. very simple install except the brackets had to be bent inward to contact the setrab cooler. So i just added washers put linger fasteners in .. not much room for fingers or tools there.

    Its a stout piece and gets real hot. Amazes me how much flow the condenser blocks though.
    First track day complete, Waterford Hills, MI. It was a 90F day super muggy rained in the morning. Car never went into limp mode I don't have an oil temp gage so no clue on temps but the car never complained!
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